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How to decorate your space with an over-scaled chandelier?

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important, if not the most, parts of your home. Your home is practically incomplete without proper lighting and that’s why you should see to it that you give enough attention to every part of your home where lighting can be used. There are always ongoing trends in the industry that can help you keep up with the current designs and keep your home as relevant as you want it to be. 

As we move into 2023, there are certain trends that are back in fashion and they can give your home an elegant yet exquisite touch seamlessly. One of those trends is flaunting an over-scaled chandelier in your space. Though oversized chandeliers were in the picture even in 2022, they did not have the spotlight for long as there were many other trends that quickly gathered the attention of design enthusiasts. Now take a look at why over-scaled chandeliers are just perfect for your living space and how they can add a dash of zest and flair to your gorgeous decor. 

A bespoke decor with an oversized chandelier

Chandeliers are stunning lighting designs that can beautifully set the tone of your space quite effortlessly. They can make your space visually rich and add that visual interest to any and every space they adorn. When it comes to an oversized chandelier, it can help you give your space a unique look and add just the depth and drama that’s needed to create a ravishing decor. Earlier, over-scaled chandeliers were only considered for bigger spaces and palatial homes, but now, homeowners are keen on flaunting them in smaller spaces too. 

“The bigger, the better” – is the perfect way to define where the trend is heading this year. You can customise your decor just the way you like. But make sure that you don’t take away attention from your chandelier as it will be setting the statement for your living space. The best way to enhance the aesthetic value of your space is to choose smaller lighting designs like table lamps and wall lights to complete your decor. 

A gorgeous symphony of form and function

There have been many instances where people have questioned the practicality of over-scaled chandeliers. But there are many chandeliers that will help you customise the lighting just the way you want and make your space as warm and inviting as possible. Dimmable chandeliers are one of the most preferred lighting fixtures and you can personalise the lighting of your space by adjusting the intensity of the light, brightness, or colour temperature. You can easily make sure that there is no glare or an uncomforting warmth in the living space. 

While over-scaled chandeliers are in the trend, you can very well go with any other oversized lighting design to set the tone of your space as this trend is hardly fading out until some time. The only thing you need to take care of is that you don’t saturate your decor or clutter it entirely with bigger designs. 

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