Most Famous Users of Cyan Lightsaber

When we think about Jedi lightsabers – blue, green, and yellow come to our mind. Little do you know that various other lightsaber colors are rare and unique. 

You must have seen a lot more lightsaber colors in the “Star Wars Jedi.” It was a video game series. The series was well-known for the canon character – Cal Kestis. 

Among various lightsabers, Cyan stands out. So, what does Cyan lightsaber mean? 

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Cyan is a lightsaber shade, much like the blue one. It symbolizes the same attributes as the blue and green lightsabers. 

It is a representation of energy, youth, and tranquility. Jedi, who uses the cyan lightsaber, represents rationality. It is another important Jedi attribute. 

You must have seen Star Wars cyan lightsaber only once, but that does not mean that it is canon. 

Of course, like all other lightsaber colors you have seen in Star Wars, there is a meaning you need to know about the cyan lightsaber color.

Meaning of Cyan Lightsaber Color

Of course, Jedi are known to have different colors of lightsabers. Most of them used blue or green for their lightsabers. 

Among them, people need to know that different levels of randomness come with the Jedi’s lightsaber colors. It all began from the time Jedi adapted the Kyber crystal that powers its lightsaber. 

The Jedi need to use the Force to adjust the Kyber crystal. Depending on the nature of the Jedi holding the crystal, the crystal changes its color and becomes usable for the lightsaber. 

In most cases, the Kyber crystal colors depend on the type of Jedi connected to the same. 

That is why there is a randomness in lightsaber colors. It can be true, but there are a lot of lightsaber colors that are on the rarer side of things. 

And it is where the cyan lightsaber colors come into play. These are the unusual colors in the Star Wars storyline. 

Users of Cyan Lightsaber

There is only one canon character who has used Cyan lightsaber color. However, there are only some Jedi who use the same colors. It is not sure whether those colors were cyan or not.

Cal Kestis

If we talk about the first and only canon character using the cyan lightsaber color, he was Cal Kestis. 

The lightsaber color was seen in the video game released in 2019 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 

Cal Kestis’s cyan lightsaber was customizable, and he could change the blade color depending on the lightsaber crystal that was used in the game. And there were a lot of options to choose from. 

Cal was a survivor of the game and stopped using the Force in Order 66 after surviving that event. He remained hidden for five years until he needed to use the Force. 

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It forced him to make a return to action. 

And Cal decided to return to a Jedi’s life when he learned something was going on. It needs the help of a Jedi. 

Tera Sinube

Tera Sinube was seen as an elderly Jedi Master in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Despite his age, Sinube was quite inactive but still working for the Jedi Order. 

He worked with Ahsoka Tano for one mission, teaching her the value of patience and discipline as a Jedi. 

Master Sinube was old, but still, he wield a lightsaber hidden in his walking stick. The lightsaber was like a light blue shade, but it was never confirmed that it was cyan. 

High Republic Jedi

Different lightsabers are unique in the current Star Wars timeline. Those were not that rare in the era of the High Republic. 

It means that there were many Jedi during that time. All the Jedi in that era had their abilities and lightsabers. 

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