How To Ship Furniture Long Distance?

Shipping furniture long distance can seem like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and expert advice, you can easily ship large pieces of furniture safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about shipping furniture long distances, including the best platforms for finding reliable couriers, how to pack your items properly, insurance considerations, and more! Read on to find out all the tips and tricks that will make shipping big items as easy as pie.

How to ship furniture long distance

Here are a few essential tips and considerations that you should keep in mind when shipping furniture:

1. Choose a reliable platform for finding couriers: To find the best couriers available, using a reliable platform is key. We recommend Shipsmart which provides you with an array of experienced and professional shipping companies that can pick up your furniture from any location and deliver it to its destination safely and quickly.

2. Properly pack the furniture: Before you ship your furniture, it’s important to properly package and secure it for transport. This will help to ensure that your items arrive in their original condition. Wrap the item securely with bubble wrap or blankets, paying special attention to the edges and corners. Use moving blankets if necessary for extra protection.

3. Consider insurance: To ensure that your furniture is covered in the event of damage, opting for insurance can be a wise choice. Depending on how valuable the item is, you may want to consider buying additional coverage from your chosen courier company or another third-party insurer.

4. Take measurements prior to shipping: Taking measurements of your furniture can help you to determine how much space it will take up in the truck, which can impact how much you are charged. Knowing how large the item is and how much space it will take up in the shipping container is essential information for both yourself and your chosen couriers.

5. Consider how the furniture will be transported: If you’re shipping large pieces of furniture, such as wardrobes or sofas, how these items are going to be transported is key. Make sure to check with your chosen courier about their capacity for carrying larger items and how they plan on transporting them.

6. Ask about packaging solutions: Depending on how you’re choosing to ship your furniture, it’s always a good idea to ask your chosen couriers if they offer any additional packaging solutions. This can help protect the item during transit and give you peace of mind that your items will arrive in their original condition.

7. Compare and contrast quotes: Always compare and contrast different quotes before making your decision. This will help you to make sure that you’re getting the best rate available for shipping furniture long distance.

8. Choose a trustworthy courier: Finally, it’s important to select a reliable and trustworthy courier. Make sure to check customer reviews, how long they’ve been in business, and how long they have been working in the furniture shipping sector. This will help you to choose a reliable courier that can provide you with excellent service.

Following these tips will help ensure that your furniture is shipped safely and arrive at its destination on time and undamaged. With careful planning and the right couriers, shipping furniture long distances needn’t be an overwhelming task.

Rely on the experts when shipping furniture over a long distance

If wondering how to ship furniture long distance, it’s imperative to ensure that you choose a reliable and experienced courier company. Ship Smart is your trusted partner in providing reliable, professional, and cost-effective transport solutions to get your furniture from point A to point B safely and quickly. With their extensive network of couriers, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Also, these experts have adequate insurance coverage and also have the best handling equipment to help with handling. Even when you have fragile furniture, there is no doubt that your move will be safe.

Get in touch with Ship Smart and discuss how to ship furniture long distance today! Let them take the stress and hassle out of shipping your furniture so you can rest assured that it will arrive safely at its destination. Contact them now to get started!


In conclusion, shipping furniture long distance is a complicated yet feasible process. Even if it is the largest piece of furniture, you can find a solution that fits your needs. It is important to plan ahead for cost and make sure you are choosing the best company for secure delivery. Additionally, consider any restrictions or limitations in regard to size and weight when arranging a pick-up time. Finally, when deciding on packaging supplies, ensure they’re allocated properly to protect your items throughout their journey and keep possessions safe until they arrive at their final destination. Shipping furniture long distance requires patience but can be simplified with knowledge of the necessary steps. With consideration of the best practices outlined above, it can certainly help facilitate success in transporting your items safely and securely!

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