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Types and Benefits of pine kitchen cabinets


Pine wood is a soft wood which is found in the western hemisphere. This wood is so popular and is used for making kitchen cabinets and other carpentry things. Pine wood is not so expensive. This type of wood is best for making kitchen cabinets because this wood does not swells. It is a moisture resistant wood.

Types of pine kitchen cabinets:

There are different types of pine woods which are used for making furniture or kitchen cabinets. Simple pine wood cabinets, stone pine, Scots pine or knotty pine ( knotty pines are the pines that have number of knots that are clearly visible ) cabinets. White and yellow pine wood is best for making kitchen cabinets. White pine is found in Eastern North America.

Benefits of pine kitchen cabinets:

There are many benefits of using pine wood for making kitchen cabinets instead of other wood. Some advantages of these cabinets are described below:

  1. Light weight:

The pine wood is light as compared to other woods. Due to its light weight this wood is considered best for making kitchen cabinets.

  1. Elasticity:

This wood has elasticity therefore it is easy to use this in making cabinets. It can be turned easily, this characteristic make this wood better than other.

  1. Soft and moisture resistant:

This wood is very soft. It is easy to make cabinets from this wood because its soft and elastic too while other woods are hard and its difficult to handle them. Other woods don’t have elasticity like this one. This wood is more affordable.

  1. More colour options:

The main benefit of these cabinets is that they can be polished and there are many colour options in this, so you can easily choose the colour of your choice.

  1. Environmental friendly:

The pine wood is renewable that’s why it is very friendly with the environment. While some other material used for making kitchen cabinets are not renewable.

Reasons to choose pine kitchen cabinets:

There are many reasons to choose pine kitchen cabinets, some of these reasons are described here.

  • The main reason to choose pine cabinets is their elasticity and softness. They can be polished again, so when cabinets become dirty you can polish them to look like new ones.
  • These cabinets look very classy and attractive and increases the beauty of your kitchen. It is perfect for both modern and traditional designs.
  • This wood is found in many areas easily that’s why its cost is less as compared to other types of woods.

Which colour will look good with pine kitchen cabinets?

Many people become confuse that which colour would look better with pine. Some options are described here that can help you in selecting the descent colour, a colour that is according to your taste. Pastel colour such as mint green will look good with pine. The colour of the cabinets depend upon the colour of the walls of your kitchen.

Disadvantages of pine kitchen cabinets:

Everything have advantages and disadvantages. There are some disadvantages of pine cabinets, few of them are described below:

  • They need special care because they are soft and their careless use can damage them.
  • They shrink or swell with the change of seasons.

How much pine kitchen cabinets cost?

People who can’t made any compromise with the beauty of the kitchen, then custom pine cabinets are the best choice. These cabinets may cost $7,000 to $13,000 or more. However stock pine cabinets cost $3,000 to $6,000.

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