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How to locate my queen size bed in a small bedroom

A small bedroom can be a decorating challenge, but this becomes even more frustrating when you add a large Ottoman Beds. The good news is that there are ways to make it feel bigger, even with the prominent presence of a piece of furniture. Think of your bedroom as a haven for relaxation rather than a multipurpose area, and decorate it with that intention.

Step 1

Add color. Paint the walls of your room using light and bright colors. Accentuate just one to add an illusion of depth by painting the wall on which your bed rests. If you choose to use wallpaper, go for vertical lines to make the room look bigger by drawing attention upward.

Step 2

Place your bed against the center of the wall in the middle of the room, to create free space on both sides. If you have one with a header and footer, discard the latter to create more space.

Step 3

Use colorful bedding and cushions to draw attention to the bed. Since this will be the focal point of the small room, accentuate it by using bright colors or fun patterns to attract attention. A canopy is another idea for a small bedroom, as it uses vertical space and adds an extra spotlight.

Step 4

Reduce clutter and oversized furniture by storing items under the bed in drawers. Too much furniture can clutter your room and make it look even smaller. Buy containers that can slide under the bed to store things, and take advantage of other storage spaces.

Step 5

Avoid the profusion of pictures on the walls. Pick out a cute and unique piece, or hang a mirror in its place. Too much decoration in these, makes them seem smaller and therefore, that the room in general looks smaller. A mirror can provide an illusion of space, and one with a cute frame that hangs above the bed adds a nice touch of decor without being over the top.


A standard bunk is about 200 x 100 cm. So that it is not too boxed between wall and wall, the bedroom should measure a minimum of 250 x 200 cm.


It combines rest and storage –with an area of ​​shelves and drawers– in a single compact structure. For this, you will need a free wall of at least 3 m long. And remember that the upper bed must always have a railing and the ladder must be well fixed on the bed frame.


We already know that you love white bedrooms full of light, but beware! Because abusing this non-color can saturate your retina and give you an unpleasant “flash”. It is best to introduce small chromatic touches in blue or green – it depends on what you see through the window, the sea or a garden. With this tip, you will be able to minimize so much luminosity and reduce the focal temperature by a few degrees. By the way, have you noticed the sinuous shapes of the canopy?


The proximity of the sand and the sea are noticeable in this bedroom that has adopted natural wood in its headboard and aquamarine tones in the bedding. Staying in it and closing your eyes will be a sensation very similar to walking along the shore of the beach feeling the touch of the waves on your feet.


The fewer accessories a bedroom have the better. The abundance of objects, especially in children’s environments, creates disorder and raises the temperature. Basic beds, such as these built-in bunk beds, on a firm mattress and cotton bedding in calm tones will be enough to dress and refresh them. The curious design of the spaced bunk beds will prevent children from feeling crammed on top of each other. An upside down box will serve as a bedside table and baskets under the bed will store toys and books.


Wooden platform, headboard and canopy in one piece. White, fresh and light curtains that let in just enough light and bedding in beige and mustard tones to energize the bedroom, open to a large terrace. Who wouldn’t want to sleep here and frame their dreams?


It’s what you’ll feel lying down on this spacious, colonial-style four-poster bed . The bedroom has been located facing the sea, next to the terrace, with windows that open and close to taste. In a room like this, you will only want to disconnect, witness each of the sunsets in the fresh air and let yourself be rocked by the swaying of the waves! In short, enjoy the summer.

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