Why is learning Hadith important?

Hadith enlightens our way towards becoming beloved to Allah and Rasool. To find the blessing of Allah, we must follow the practices of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. As Allah declares in the Holy Quran: “O You who have believed, Obey Allah, obey the Messenger, and those in authority among you.” (Surat an-Nisa). The revelation of this verse disposes the divinity of Hadith and Sunnah.

Being Muslims, we must learn the knowledge of Hadith. But unlike other subjects, we cannot understand the fundamentals of Hadith while reading by ourselves. We need a teacher to let us know about the profound understanding of Hadith.

There are certain basic principles to follow while interpreting the Hadith.

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The Holy Quran

We are well aware that the Quran is the first and righteous source of reference in any Islamic matter. The Quran and Hadith are interrelated like the root with branches, to show the right way to the generations until the day of judgment. To know the religion and lead the life according to the principles of Allah, the Quran repeatedly keeps informing us. But to get the clear meaning and explanation of the verses, the Hadith further explains it.

Combining the references and narratives of the Hadith

Like the Holy Quran, the Hadith also has a regular and arranged shape. No jury or a person can decide whether the matter is vivid or not based on only one Hadith without considering the overall structure of other Hadiths and interpreting the relation of one Hadith with other allied Hadith. For the acceptance of any Hadith, it must be part of any complete and structured narrative system.

Sometimes some people utter some statements and declare that as part of the tradition and attach it with the traditions of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Still, they have no proper and exact reference. Such kinds of statements have merged in great numbers in the collection of Hadiths. So, analyse carefully and match them with other unerring Hadith. For example, whenever we encounter a personal dispute, we decide based on several witnesses. After collecting the facts, we analyse them and see that which side the balance bows.

Language of the Hadith

To know the exact essence of the Hadith we must know the language of the Haith as we know that the original language of Hadith is Arabic. But, just knowing the language is not enough; to interpret the Hadith, we must have profound linguistic skills to analyse the language whether the wording of the Hadith is Prophetic or not.

Furthermore, the language of the Hadith is standard as compared to others, and no other source is more reliable than the authenticity of the language. However, the language used in the era of Hazrat Muhammad SAW is different from the language used nowadays. But, we should certify that language which is closer to the ancient language of Tradition.

While interpreting the Hadith’s language structure, we should not prefer the personal views; rather, we should prefer the judgment of expert grammarians and lexicographers who have syntactic and morphological knowledge of the language and can understand the hidden meanings in the difficult words of the Hadith.

The students of the Hadith literature tend to taste the old language used in the early days of Islam for a better understanding of the Hadith language. So, this practice will help them to differentiate between the various dialects of the Tradition language.


In previous decades, those could not learn Hadith who lived in distant areas. But now, with the evolution of the internet, it is very effortless to learn Hadith and Quran online in flexible hours. For more information, you can find assistance from the languages tutor.

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