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How A 900mm Bathroom Vanity Can Keep Your Bathroom Stunning And Functional.

A 900mm bathroom vanity is stylish and functional, providing plenty of storage space for all your essentials. Moreover, they are a great way to keep your bathroom looking its best. With some planning, you can find the perfect 900mm freestanding vanity for your bathroom. This post will explain how vanities can enhance your bathroom look. And with the 900mm bathroom vanity, you can keep your bathroom shampoos and soaps in a safe place.

Stunning and functional bathrooms

When choosing a 900mm freestanding vanity, be sure to select one that is made from high-quality materials. You want a vanity that will withstand the test of time, so look for one made from solid wood or a durable composite. And be sure to choose a vanity that comes with a kickboard. A kickboard is a piece of trim that covers the bottom of the vanity and helps protect your walls from scuffs and scratches. With a 900mm freestanding vanity, you can have the functional and stylish bathroom of your dreams. Here are just a few reasons why a 900mm freestanding vanity with a kickboard is the perfect way to keep your bathroom looking its best:

Vanity provides storage

There are typically several shelves and drawers, which gives you plenty of space to store all your bathroom essentials. With a 900mm freestanding vanity, you’ll have even more storage than a standard vanity, making it the perfect choice for larger bathrooms.

Enhanced Style

In addition to their functional benefits, 900mm freestanding vanities add style to your bathroom. They come in various materials, finishes, and colors, so you can easily find one that matches your décor. And since they’re freestanding, you can place them wherever you want in the room, which gives you even more flexibility regarding your bathroom’s layout.

Improved Durability

Another great benefit of a 900mm freestanding vanity with a kickboard is the increased durability. The kickboard helps protect the lower portion of the cabinet from water damage, which can extend the life of your vanity. And since they’re typically made from high-quality materials, freestanding vanities are built to last.

Easy Installation

Installing a 900mm freestanding vanity is relatively easy, even if you’re not handy. Most vanities come with detailed instructions; you can usually find helpful installation instruction manuals.

900 mm PVC bathroom vanity

PVC bathroom vanity units are a great way to add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The vanity is made of high-quality PVC polyurethane and is available in a white finish. The cabinet features two drawers, which can be used for storage or displaying decorative items. The ceramic top is also available in various colors, making it easy to match the vanity to the existing décor in your bathroom. This vanity size is available at MyHomeware in different finishes and styles.


A 900mm freestanding vanity is the perfect size for most bathrooms. It’s large enough to provide plenty of storage space but not so large that it dominates the room. A kickboard is a perfect way to keep your bathroom looking clean and clutter-free. It’s a simple way to add storage space to your bathroom without taking up too much space. Moreover, a freestanding vanity is much easier to install than a wall-mounted one, so that you can save time and money.

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