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Quick cash loans also known as same-day payday loans are internet loans structured to mitigate the effects of a full-on emergency. These loans do not require the hard credit searches associated with traditional financial institutions hence their popularity. 

Same-day payday loans on the other hand are short-term loans designed to help you till your next pay date using immediate payout services.

Key Points

  1. Fast processing loan request
  2. Simple application process
  3. The loans are intended for short-term crises or emergencies (14-31 days)
  4. You can make a same-day deposit if you apply before the cut-off time.
  5. In most cases, only a soft credit check is performed.
  6. Borrowers must be of legal age and be gainfully employed.
  7. Title and instalment loans are alternatives to same-day payday loans 

A review of Easy Payday Loans

Here’s a brief overview of Easy Payday loans, an industry leader providing financial solutions such as payday loans and cash advance loans without credit checks: Easy Payday Loans offers payday loans with lenient acceptance criteria for prospective loanees. This implies that loanees with low credit scores are not left out. As one of the most reliable same-day payday loan providers in 2022, Easy Payday loans strives to connect prospective loanees to partner lenders to disburse loans based on the loan repayment capacity of the loanee.

Over the years, Easy Payday Loans has managed to remain one of the most accessible, and easy-to-use payday loan brokers in the U.S, accounting for a substantial percentage of loans offered in the states it operates. The company provides customers with high-approval loans like payday loans, instalment loans, same day loans, and no credit check loans.

It is key to note that, unlike other online lending websites, decisions on approving bad credit loans are made promptly, ensuring that customers wait for lesser periods for a verdict. Also, partner lenders provide personal loans with negative credit at exceptionally low-interest rates which makes payment arrangements appealing to borrowers.

Why We Appreciate Easy Payday Loans

2.1 Credit ratings may be improved: Many of our lenders provide timely payment information to the main credit bureaus. The implication is that making numerous on-payments could raise credit scores.

2.2 Rapid decisions: Approval decisions are made promptly. Partner lenders typically conclude related evaluations in less than five minutes.

2.3 Quick funding: Loan disbursements are often processed within 12-24 hours  of application. This ensures that prospective loanees have access to much-needed funds as soon as they need it.  

2.4 Reasonable terms and rates: Our lenders provide loans with negative credit at exceptionally low-interest rates with very appealing payment arrangements.

2.5 Hassle-free application procedure: Most loanees with an internet device can easily finish the application procedure online. Simply filling out an application form is all that is required.

2.6 No invasive credit checks: No hard credit inquiries are made during the evaluation process. Lenders of same-day payday loans only perform soft credit checks, these do not appear on your credit report.

2.7 Quick transfer of funds: Personal loans for those with credit problems can be processed quickly, often within the same day because there aren’t many checks made on the borrower.

2.8 Versatility: Loans for individuals with bad credit can be used to pay for goods, consolidate debts, pay bills, etc. There are no limitations on the use of these loans.

Are there any other online loan options on  Easy Payday Loans

There is more to Easy Payday Loans than just same-day payday loans. When customers are temporarily strapped for cash, partners of the loan broker offer a wide range of loan options;

3.1 Bad credit loans: In a financial bind but have a poor credit history? A bad credit loan is a good place to start. It considers the ability of the prospective loanee to pay the current loan rather than your credit history.

3.2 No credit check loans: This type of loan is another sought-after choice for anyone with bad credit. Lenders only run a soft credit check on loanee profiles and this won’t hurt credit scores.

3.3 Instalment loans: An instalment loan is a great credit option for individuals who may experience difficulties in paying off loans. With an instalment loan, you can spread the total loan cost over a longer period and repay it more conveniently.

3.4 Payday loans: Payday loans simply refer to emergency loans gotten between paychecks with hopes of paying back during the next payday.

Who is eligible to get a loan from  Easy Payday Loans

As a rule of thumb, individuals who can provide a verifiable method of loan repayment within the stipulated period will often get access to loans. The general eligibility requirements are listed below.

Once the requirements listed below are met, loanees can be granted quick cash loans within 24 hours.

  1. When applying for an Easy Payday Loan, loanees are expected to be of legal age, have a government ID Card, be employed with a verifiable income source, have an active bank account, and be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US
  2. Easy Payday Loan is mandated by law to run a credit check on all loanees. This will not affect the credit score of prospective loanees.
  3. Loanees who can repay their loans within schedule stand a chance of an easier approval process. Anyone can be granted a rapid loan if they can show an ability to repay loans within the stipulated time.


Easy Payday Loans remains one of the leading credit brokers committed to connecting loanees with a reputable and rich network of its extensive list of partner lenders.

Easy Payday Loans offers prospective loanees an opportunity to access emergency credit facilities regardless of credit scores, and this has aided a large percentage of beneficiaries especially those with less than desirable credit scores.

Are you in a financial bind?  Easy Payday Loans helps to connect prospective loanees with its extensive list of partner lenders. Click here for a quick cash loan.

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