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A thorough guide to children’s party planning

Planning to host a party just for the little ones in your abode?

Managing children can be a fussy and quite messy affair. But, it is your son’s birthday or perhaps your daughter’s special achievement in the school where she has successfully recited a poem. Whatever may be the event, you must commemorate it with a party! And unlike the other parents, you can really stand out by making your party exclusively for the kids. Though the idea  sounds good and the planning looks rather a simple task, managing little children can quickly turn into a sour experience, if you are well prepared. So, here is a quick and easy guide that will help you plan, execute and handle the party of children better!

Preparing the party list

Often when moms and dads throw their little ones a party in their honour of course, they miss out on the importance of order. Yes, you definitely need to arrange the venue and define the itinerary for the evening, but you also need to do all of that and more methodically. order birthday cake online and then start planning about the number of guests that will be attending. It is a sureshot recipe for disaster.

Start the party planning and arranging by first jotting down the names of the kids you want in your baby’s party. Now remember, there are the friends you simply must invite, and then there are kids your child wishes to befriend and a party can be a good way to forge a friendship. As for the children you have heard your kid complain about, you can either choose to invite them or not if you want, based on your little one’s opinions. If your little one is too young to make any decision, then you better invite children who you think would be a good influence on your kid.

Picking out the correct venue

There will be many children at the party you are planning. Make sure the venue that you select is optimum and kid friendly. Not only does the venue need to have a safe and protective feel to it, but also the overall hygiene standards must be met.

There are several other factors that you must consider before selecting a venue such as,

Distance from your home

Connectivity to and fro

Services available

Safety standards and regulations

Inclusion of various utilities, etc.

Checking these key points will help you pick out a suitable location for the party which will have a gathering of children and some adults.

Analysing the budget

Sure, it is a party for children. But any party can be expensive. Let us say that you are working with a tight knit budget, you must not spend any of it on unnecessary spendings. For example, if you are about to arrange for a birthday party and the venue that you have chosen is taking up 80% of your budget, then this cannot and should not be a viable option. Do not even consider it! The venue should always cost about 60% or even less of your total budget. Remember, even after you book a venue and decorate it, you will have to take care of certain expenses like food, beverage, return gifts, etc.

Planning the menu

Finally we are planning for the food stage. As there are going to be little members of the community in your party, you will have to be a responsible and reliable host who takes great care of what food is being served.

Children are messy and picky eaters. They love to eat sweet sugary and super unhealthy food especially when their meals are not going to be monitored by their parents. Plan a meal that is both nutritious and decadent to look at. Fancy food items are a big plus for invoking the interest of little children. As this is a party where there will be lots of kids, you must refrain from ordering alcoholic beverages altogether! Instead focus on getting fruit juices without any added sugar or preservatives.

As for the dishes that you will be serving to the children, ensure they follow all dietary guidelines. Check for allergens in the food recipes as well before even planning the menu. Avoid recipes that contain common food allergens such as tree nuts, soy, shellfish, etc. Food and beverages that have add preservatives, sugar, food colouring, etc. must avoid at all cost. You do not wish to be ostracised by the other parents just because you chose to serve something that is not healthy to their children at your party.

Arranging an online cake order in Chandigarh will be better than baking one all on your own. Preparing dessert for any event is such an additional hassle! In fact, one of the best parts about ordering a cake rather than baking one yourself is that you will get a lot of extra time to properly execute the plan that you have initially made.

There are many other food items that can be pre planned ahead of time so that you can stay more relaxed during and before the event.

Fixing up the decor

The very last thing on your list should be decor. Kid friendly decorations are a viable option to consider as there are many different types of party accessories that may be harmful to children’s health. Avoid using latex balloons and confettis that burst out of the launch guns as they pollute the environment and hazardous elements to have around tiny tots. Rather, focus on eco-friendly decor elements. If you run out of ideas, then perhaps you can spruce up the place with flowers and plants and give the party a “natural” theme. Open up your mind to more creative ideas by browsing the online websites such as pinterest for some decoration ideas.

Now no party is complete without some return gifts. Especially if the gathering consists of children. Of course you do not need to purchase expensive toys and gift sets as return gifts. Arrange for something simpler like DIY crafts and clay moulds. It does not take a lot to impress children. Feed them well and keep them happy by engaging with them at the party! Make them feel at home

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