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What are the features of a desk?

Most desktops are equipped with storage drawers and shelves to hold CPUs and other equipment. Some people store different items in this area. However, if you use a laptop, you won’t need a storage drawer or shelf. You may also find a desk with cabinet doors and shelves on the floor. It would help to consider all of these features before purchasing a desk. If you’re not sure what you need, read on!

Roll-top desks

A roll-top desk is built from solid wood, typically mahogany, cherry, or black walnut. After 1900, oak was often used. Mahogany is a sturdy wood with attractive graining, while cherry has a characteristic reddish appearance. Oak has a lighter, golden-toned hue. The roll-top desk’s many drawers allow for easy organisation of office supplies. And it’s a good idea to consider its size and durability when purchasing.

L-shaped desks

An L-shaped desk can accommodate a wide range of users, including those with small children. There are also many styles of L-shaped desks available, from minimalist to ornate. Whatever your needs, you can find the perfect one for your home office.

Opt for an L-shaped desk with a metal frame if you want a sleek design. This desk gives off an industrial vibe and can go well with other home office furniture. If you prefer a more contemporary design, you should look for marble or other shiny features. You can even choose a modern L-shaped desk with a marble surface. Whatever the style of your home office is, you can find an L-shaped desk that matches your style and fits right in.

Writing desks

Writing desks are a great addition to nearly any room. They make excellent home offices, home craft stations, and decorative pieces of tabletop space. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose a desk that has more storage or just a desk surface. Some models also include drawers and shelves, while others are plain surfaces for laptops or other items. Whichever style you choose, you’ll find one to match your style and space.

Corner desks

A corner desk is also great for creating a laptop workstation. Having a triangle-shaped area to place your keyboard and mouse is convenient for those who work on laptops. These types of desks can also be used to maximise office space. If you don’t have enough space, a corner desk might not be the right choice. Alternatively, you could use your existing office furniture and place your laptop on top.

Foldable desks

You may be wondering how you can save space with a folding desk. There are many types of folding desks to choose from. The most common type of foldable desk features legs that fold down. These legs are made from wood or metal. They can either be locked or unlocked. You apply downward pressure on the middle portion to fold the legs. Once the middle leg bends, the opposing legs automatically follow suit. It means that you’ll get a consistent experience across the entire desk. However, before you fold the legs, make sure that there are no possessions on the top.

Wooden desks

Regardless of the purpose of your desk, you can find one with the features you need. A small wooden lap desk can be the perfect accessory for your child to spark his creativity. These desks are portable and feature ergonomic soft wrist padding for added comfort. You can also purchase a kids’ desk with a hutch, pull-out drawer, and matching chair. This way, your child will have a great place to write or play while learning.


Different types of desks from holisticdesks.com.au have different functions and features. Most desks come in rectangular shapes and have four sturdy legs. Some are circular or oval, while others are curved like a ‘U’. You can even customise the shape of your desk to fit your specific needs.


MDF is a popular choice for its lightweight, easy maintenance, and durability. It is not as expensive as solid wood but doesn’t have the same durability. If you are concerned about moisture damage, you may want to opt for melamine or laminated MDF.

When choosing the type of wood for your desk, you should do your research first. Many types of wood are highly durable. One popular option is cherry wood, which has a deep reddish colour and distinct grain. Other popular types of wood include maple and ash. Oak and ash are light in colour and are also durable. 

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