UEFA Euro 2024: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Last Dance?

As we get closer and closer to the kick-off of one of the world’s most prestigious and popular football championship tournaments, the hype and engagement grow ever higher, sparking up interesting and passionate conversations around various related topics.

One such conversation, particularly this article’s subject, has been around a certain name the reader might be familiar with, Cristiano Ronaldo. The 39-year-old Portuguese legend is still confirmed to be on the roster, as the team captain, despite all the years and miles on his legs.

Going into this tournament, the Portuguese national team dominated the qualifying stages, winning all 10 of their matches. With such a roster, fans are expecting one final strong, competitive international showing from Cristiano, as his retirement draws ever nearer. Below, we will be going over Ronaldo’s current level of play, team expectations, and potential post-retirement life.

Euro Expectations: How Good is the 39-year-old Ronaldo?

Going into the tournament, expectations are high for Ronaldo. He has been named the captain, after all, in the 26-man squad for Euro 2024, where he will be looking to make a significant impact. His experience and scoring ability will be crucial for Portugal, especially in the knockout stages.

 With nine players from the Premier League included in the squad, Portugal has a strong and talented team that can compete with the best. Ronaldo’s inclusion in the squad has been seen as a boost, as his presence will undoubtedly bring a level of confidence and motivation to the team. Paired with another veteran legend, Pepe, the two are expected to provide balance and a level of control over the game and keep the spirits up in clutch-time situations.

Outside of the psychological aspects though, CR7 has been playing well as the captain of his club back in Saudi, Al-Nassr FC. To be more specific, this season, he has been scoring well, particularly, 42 goals in 41 games, a true testament to his physical ability and skill. As Athletes get older, conditioning and discipline displayed in the earlier stages of the career become more and more relevant, and for Cristiano, it has always been a point of praise, contributing a ton to the longevity of the legend.

Overall, while Portugal may not be the overwhelming favorite to win in Euro 2024, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with, possessing a good combination of young explosive talent, and experienced veteran performers. We shall see if Cristiano can shine on the biggest stage yet again, as millions across the world root for his and the team’s success.

Retirement Plans

Cristiano has a lot of hobbies outside of football, as humans tend to do, some of which include surprising ones, at least for those not following his career.

On numerous different occasions, he has spoken about his passion for strategy-based card games, like poker and blackjack. In fact, he seems to be far from just a casual online player, as he often engages in high-stakes tournaments.

As for what sparks his interest and passion in these games, it is mostly rooted in his competitive nature and strategic thinking. “I love the thrill of the game, the rush of adrenaline when you’re playing against the best,” he said in an interview. Of course, there is also the strategic element, as for Ronaldo, these games offer a unique challenge that combines mental toughness, quick thinking, and a dash of luck.

As fascinating as it would be though, to imagine his future career as a professional blackjack player, he will likely continue quietly competing in charity tournaments as a side hobby, as he has been doing for years now, mainly because his main passion still lies with football, as his contributions to the sport will likely not end even post-retirement.

Today, blackjack is considered one of the most popular games in casinos. Thanks to its simplicity, millions of people worldwide can enjoy online blackjack. In this game, the objective is to avoid reaching 21 points. If a player surpasses this threshold, they are immediately eliminated from the game and lose. However, despite the simplicity of the rules, many beginners and even quite experienced players make typical blackjack mistakes. Only a small percentage of people can avoid them.

These mistakes can range from the wrong strategy to poor bankroll management. However, the very first mistake can come from playing at an unreliable casino, which is why it’s strongly recommended to understand how to stay safe in the online gambling realm.

Given that, when it comes to Christiano’s retirement plans, after finally calling time on his playing days with Portugal, he hopes to stay involved as a club owner, sporting director role, or national team ambassador of some kind. “I’ve dedicated my entire life to this sport that I love so dearly,” Ronaldo reflected. While he will explore other interests, he can’t picture himself away from football completely. Coaching or youth training is also not off the table.

For now, though, the immediate focus is on Euro 2024 and going out in a blaze of glory with Portugal one last time, perhaps one last time.


While retirement is not yet officially confirmed, Ronaldo’s club contract is expiring next year, and with his Piers Morgan interview, in which he stated he would likely retire at 40, a number he is only a year away from, it seems like the end is almost here.

Regardless of the specific placements in the so-called GOAT conversations, Cristiano is one of the sport’s greatest players, and his legacy will remain cemented no matter the outcome of Euro 2024, though, many are hoping for one additional Ronaldo page in the history books.

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