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Sonic Menu Items That Are Worth Your Money

Sonic offers a dizzyingly wide range of goodies in their menu. That may make it a bit hard to make your choices, especially if you’re trying to optimize what you can get with your money. 

The good news is that Sonic prices are generally reasonable, plus you have lots of delicious treats on the menu. While choosing randomly will probably still get you lots of yummy treats, you can make sure by picking from our list of the yummiest Sonic menu items: 

The Bacon Double Cheeseburger (or Any of the Other Burgers, For That Matter)

The burgers at Sonic, on the whole, are just better than the burgers in many other fast-food joints. The best of them, flavor-wise, is most probably the Bacon Double Cheeseburger. But there are many other yummy options, like the Bacon-on-Bacon Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger. 

The bacon here is an absolute delight, and it proves the idea that burgers simply taste better with bacon. But even without the bacon, the rest of the burger will be satisfying as well. They’re very yummy, even if they’re not made with premium Wagyu beef and they don’t contain exotic fixings. You just have the usual lettuce with tomato, onion, slices of cheese, and perhaps some pickles if you want, and you’re good to go. They’re nice and filling, and you’ll feel like you’ve underpaid for these burgers, even for a cheeseburger over $5

Any Sonic Blast

Plenty of people wander into a Sonic simply to get their desire for a Sonic Blast satisfied. It’s not as if these are complex concoctions that are difficult to make. Instead, they just have the usual vanilla soft-serve ice cream, and then they blend in some extra ingredient to really make it sing. Buy Hydrocodone Online

Usually, even a single extra ingredient is enough to give you a memorable Sonic Blast. It can be some chocolate chip cookie dough, chunks of Snickers Bars, or real strawberries. Whichever flavor you get (and there are lots of flavors to choose from), you generally end up with a terrific Sonic Blast that’s worth your money. 

Mozzarella Sticks

Forget about getting French fries as the side dish for your burger. They’re just bland and not worth your attention. But you can go with the mozzarella sticks instead, along with the marinara sauce for dipping.

It’s not as if Sonic is claiming something special with these mozzarella sticks. Yes, they say that it’s “crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside”. But that’s the standard definition for mozzarella sticks

However, these are just not standard at all—they’re truly excellent. In fact, some self-proclaimed experts regard these things as the absolute best mozzarella sticks in the entire fast-food industry. Many of these experts say you don’t even need the marinara sauce, as they’re just that good. 

While picking the best mozzarella sticks may depend greatly on personal preferences, it’s also true that in all likelihood, you’ll appreciate these mozzarella sticks at Sonic. 

Soft Pretzel

Looking for the perfect snack to tide you over? If that’s the case, then the soft pretzel at Sonic may just be the perfect choice for you. After all, it’s hard to resist the siren call of a warm soft pretzel that’s perfectly made. 

The folks at Sonic simply cook their soft pretzels perfectly, so that it’s nice and soft on the inside while it’s slightly crispy on the outside. Each soft pretzel is then topped with large flakes of salt for that tangy flavor, and then everything goes well with the cheese sauce you dip the pretzel into. 

The size is just right, as it satisfies your cravings but won’t make you feel too full. It’s also among the healthiest options at Sonic, and it’s rare to find a fast-food treat that’s both satisfying and healthy! 

Onion Rings

This is another superior alternative to the French fries if you’re looking for a side dish. It works well as a snack even on its own. They’re just that special. 

It does help that a lot of Sonic locations actually have a dedicated employee whose primary task is to slice the fresh onions and then bread them by hand. That means they’re all fresh. 

Sonic even has a special batter for these onion rings, and you might even notice a hint of vanilla sweetness. According to some insiders, this is because they’re dipped in vanilla ice cream. That may sound a bit weird, but if it works, who are we to argue about it? 

Cherry Limeade

It’s true that there are plenty of drinks you can try at Sonic. But the Cherry Limeade is a classic, and you have got to try it first. Made with great cherry flavoring and freshly squeezed lime juice, it’s the perfect pairing of tangy and sweet. Just get it, and you will love it, like most people who have tried it. 

Just keep in mind that we’re not listing menu items that are healthy for you, okay? Instead, these are generally sinfully indulgent treats that health nuts won’t approve of. But then again, if you’re only visiting Sonic every now and then, you may as well make it a memorable visit with these treats!

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