Is Mathematics Compulsory For NDA Exam? What Important Topics Are Covered In It?

National Defence Academy Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to select personnels for the Indian Defence Forces. It is the most popular defence exam in the country, taken by almost every defence aspirant. The exam is the primary screening for candidates interested in joining the Air Force, Navy, and Army of India.

NDA 2022 is conducted twice a year and it is held offline. Shortlisting in the NDA exam enters you into the National Defence Academy. Males & females who clear the exam are required to take the written test and personality test prescribed by the academy.

The NDA exam is split into two papers, namely General Ability Test and Mathematics Test. Aspirants must prepare for every aspect of the examination, including mathematics, which is an integral part of the selection process.

Mathematics in NDA Exam

Mathematics is of critical importance when preparing for NDA Exams. From the concept of real-valued functions to the notions of limits, there are tons of topics that are covered in the NDA syllabus.

The first paper of NDA consists of questions entirely from mathematics and is of 300 marks. The mathematics section of NDA is easy to crack for those equipped with 11th and 12th class maths knowledge. Toppers and passports have suggested that candidates must be proficient in all topics of the maths syllabus to achieve satisfactory marks that can propel them towards acceptance. More than practice, a practical understanding of the topics and quick, on-the-feet answering is the key to cracking the paper.

Here are all the topics that are covered in the Mathematics portion of the syllabus:

  1. Algebra
  2. Calculus
  3. Trignometry
  4. Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
  5. Vector Algebra
  6. Statistics and Probability
  7. Analytical Geometry Of Two and Three Dimension
  8. Matrices and Determinants

 Here are the most expected topics in NDA paper:

  1. Trigonometry and properties of triangle
  2.  Inverse Trigonometric functions
  3. Vector Algebra,  Vector Product, Cross Product of two vectors
  4. Statistics
  5. The Elementary Theorems
  6. Bayes’ Theorem
  7. Binomial Distribution

Topic-wise Mark Distribution

Topic Mark Distribution (Approx.)
Algebra 20-25
Quadratic Equation 20-15
Probability 10
Trignometry 30
Complex Number 10-15

NDA Mathematics Section Exam Pattern

Maximum Marks 300
Total Questions 120
Correct Answer 2.5 marks
Negative Marking .83 marks
Total Exam Duration 150 minutes (2.5 hours)

Preparation Tips For Mathematics in NDA Exam

  • It is advised to have a clear understanding of the syllabus and mark the topics that have been asked before.
  • Candidates are advised to start preparing for the topics beforehand and delegate equal time to each of them.
  • Candidates are advised to learn the tricky formulas and have a thorough practice for them.
  • Candidates must learn the tricks and tips of the test and manage their time efficiently.
  • Candidates are advised to be thorough with some of the common formulas such as cubes and squares.
  • Candidates can borrow the learning guide from BYJU’s Exam Prep and apply it throughout their study course modules.
  • In the final phase of preparation, candidates must refer to the past questions and try as many sample papers as possible.
  • Candidates are advised to refrain from applying guesses to the paper and only attempt the questions with 100% surety.

Mathematics is compulsory for the NDA Exam, and acing the paper to your advantage is possible. Aspirants must pay complete attention to the syllabus and the important questions laid out in BYJU’s Exam Prep. In addition to this, candidates are also requested to be thorough with their attempts and not make mistakes to chase marks — because the negative hefty marking will hurt you. Pay attention to the basics, and you can also achieve satisfactory marks in the NDA Mathematics section.

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