Navigating Insurance Companies – Tips From TBI Attorneys

TBIs can cause severe medical and financial complications. TBI sufferers frequently need substantial physical and cognitive therapy.

These treatments can be expensive and lead to hefty medical bills and loss of income. The right personal injury attorney can help. A reasonable attorney can also prove your injuries to the insurance company.

Know Your Limits

While speaking directly with an insurance provider following an accident may seem like a good idea, this is typically not wise. Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart; they want to pay as little as possible on a claim. Even the most innocent remark can be used against you and impact your claim negatively.

It’s essential to know your limits after a brain injury and to keep track of your symptoms regularly, whether using a journal, whiteboard, app, phone reminder system, supportive housemate, or a combination of methods. Structure, consistency, and routine can help you navigate your recovery process and keep up with appointments, deadlines, and court dates. This will also help the medical professionals working on your case understand the full extent of your injuries.

Get Help

Insurance companies and their representatives aim to pay you as little as possible. They may record your conversations and use even the most innocent remark to undermine your claim. To avoid this, consider having your experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer handle all your communication with the insurers.

Mild traumatic brain injuries can cost victims thousands of dollars for treatment, medications, and therapies. Severe brain injuries can lead to lifelong disability and costly care.

A seasoned TBI attorney can protect your legal rights and ensure you are awarded the maximum compensation possible for your case. During pre-litigation, your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your accident, identify all responsible parties, and calculate your damages. They will also work to prevent the insurance company from influencing police and other evidence and lowering your settlement. In addition, they will communicate with you regularly, even if nothing changes in your case.

Make Sure You’re Covered

With summer upon us, people get outside more often and engage in recreational activities such as softball or soccer games, hiking, camping, swimming, and trampoline jumping. This can all lead to head injuries. Many car crashes happen in the summer, another common cause of TBIs.

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Medical records can help substantiate your claims and connect the dots between your injuries and accidents. These records may also be helpful if an insurance provider tries to refute your claim by pointing out gaps in your care, uncompleted treatments, or missing appointments.

Don’t Be Pressured

While insurance companies may seem like they have your best interests in mind, they are businesses that exist to make a profit. As such, they will do everything possible to minimize your payout and deny you the compensation you deserve.

One of the most common tactics insurance companies use is to pressure you into taking the first offer they present. This is done because the more time that passes before you accept their offer, the more money they can pocket in interest payments on your claim.

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