How to get on the Instagram explore page

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Every business should have access to this low-cost instrument for advertising on social media.

The Explore Page, an algorithm-curated content stream, can assist you in reaching the right audience, increasing engagement, and expanding your presence on the platform.

How can you get listed on Instagram’s Explore Page? Below, we provide suggestions for getting on the Instagram explore page. Let’s start

How to get on the Instagram explore page

Instagram’s Explore page compiles material based on each user’s unique interests. The Instagram algorithm selects content based on related accounts or previously seen material. The Explore page has images, moving pictures, Reels, and even Stories. No two Explore pages are the same since Instagram customizes the content on this page to each user’s preferences.

By pressing the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app screen, Instagram users can visit the Explore tab.

Since its goal is “to help you discover new things,” Instagram claims that content on the Explore Page only originates from accounts you don’t already follow.

In light of this, securing a coveted spot on Instagram’s Explore Page can significantly increase the engagement of your material, especially since you’ll be reaching users who already interact with comparable posts or videos.

Instagram claims that since the Explore Page’s goal is “to help you discover new things,” all the content comes from accounts you don’t already follow.

Keeping this in mind, obtaining a highly sought-after location on Instagram’s Explore Page can significantly increase the engagement of your content, especially since you’ll be reaching users who have already interacted with content similar to yours.

System of Two-Stage Ranking

Before being included in the Explore recommendation system, content travels through the candidate generation stage (the sourcing step) and the rating stage.

Stage of Candidate Generation

The algorithm starts by scanning for “seed” accounts or accounts that people have already interacted with while curating content on the Explore page.

By examining the seed accounts, Instagram can identify relevant accounts that a user might be interested in.

The Explore algorithm first compiles a list of seed accounts and accounts that are similar to seed accounts. Then it examines the images and videos those accounts have posted or interacted with.

Access the Explore Page on Instagram

The algorithm behind Instagram chooses what material to show users on the Explore Page based on two primary criteria:

What kinds of postings has a user viewed in the past

The amount of interaction (likes, comments, and shares) a relevant post has.

However, there are more things you may do to raise your odds. Learn about these ten strategies below:

  • Look at your personal Explore page.
  • Begin producing reels
  • Once Your Audience Is Online, Post
  • Try Different Carousel Posts
  • Use Thoughtful Hashtags
  • Join Forces With Other Companies and Artists
  • Hold competitions and giveaways.
  • Include keywords in the post caption.
  • Utilize Instagram analytics to determine what’s practical.
  • Investigate Instagram Explore Ads


Getting on the Instagram Explore page is more complex than completing a checklist or following a formula. The right blend of good content, timing and fresh content formats can get you ahead of the race. But to perfect your approach, you need to understand better what your audience wants to see from you.

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