How to boost Instagram posts without facebook

One of the interesting aspects of Instagram marketing is the increased involvement of social media in branding. Without a Facebook account or the Facebook Business Manager, you can now run Instagram advertising. To manage campaigns, run ads, and monitor results previously, users had to use Business Manager. Grow your social channels like youtube and Spotify with visit Jaynike.

In the future, Instagram will be able to simplify operations for this advertising firm by allowing users to perform all of those actions on its platform. Those who have already linked their accounts to Facebook or Business Manager cannot conduct Instagram advertising independently. Those who have not yet connected Instagram advertising to Facebook, cannot be linked.

How to run ads on Instagram without logging into Facebook or Business Manager

Follow these steps to run an Instagram advertising campaign without a Facebook or Business Manager account.

Step 1: Locate the Instagram post you wish to use as an advertisement and select “Promote” from the app.

If you’re an individual user, not a business or brand account, then you probably don’t have access to the “promote” option. Change your account type from personal to the business if necessary.

Step 2: Select your location and then press the arrow symbol to move on to the following action.

Your landing page is the destination where your ad will direct users. You have three choices:

  • Instagram profile of you
  • Your web page (you must provide the link)
  • Direct Messages from You (on Instagram)

Step 3: Decide who your target market is.

You can either construct your own audience by manually selecting the region, hobbies, and age of the audience or you can choose to target persons who are similar to your followers.

Step 4: Decide on a budget and time frame.

Your daily spending limit can range from $1 to $1,000. Duration might range from one day to thirty days.

Step 5: Type in your payment information and then select “Promote.”

Select your country and payment type (which will determine the currency in which you will be billed). You can use credit, debit, or PayPal for the latter.

How to Check If Your Instagram Account Is Linked to Facebook

If you’re not sure whether your Instagram account is linked to Facebook, check directly from the app. Take these actions.

Step 1: Tap the three-lined emblem in the top-right corner of your profile.

Step 2: Select “Settings.”

Step 3. Select “Payments.”

Step 4: Click “Promotion Payments”

Step 5: Find “Your Account.”

Why You Need to Boost Instagram Posts

There are plenty of reasons why you should boost your Instagram posts, from promoting your business and getting more eyes on your page to increasing engagement and boosting sales. You can check instagram to get real reviews for different things like Emeals Reviews. Boosting posts is a great way to increase the reach of your content and get more people interacting with it. It gives you the opportunity to increase visibility for relevant hashtags and gain exposure to specific interests.

Get More Eyes on Your Page

If you want more people to discover your account, boosting posts is one of the best ways to do it. Boosting a post helps it appear in more feeds than usual, which can lead to more user interactions like comments and likes. Boosting also allows you to target specific audiences based on location, age, gender, and interests so that your content reaches exactly who you want it to.

Increase Engagement

Engagement is an important part of social media marketing because it shows how much people care about what you have to say whether that’s by showing them what you posted or by liking or commenting on something they find interesting.


As you can see, there are quite a few options out there that can help boost your Instagram activity without a Facebook account. Whether you choose an easy and effective option like using an app or taking advantage of the best hashtags, boosting Instagram posts is still easier than you may think.

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