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Fun And Adventurous Destination Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

Little girls grow up dreaming of weddings out of a fairytale. At a young age, they have already thought of what engagement rings and wedding rings they want. Now those little girls have grown up, thinking of fun and adventurous destination wedding ideas for your big day might be difficult. 

Planning a wedding is hard because you’ll have to match the destination with your wedding sets and overall vibe. The destination of your wedding also dictates the attire of the guests and what the whole place looks like.

But what if you want to make something new for your destination wedding? Here are some fun and adventurous ideas you might want to add to your dream destination wedding!

Your Big Day: Destination Wedding Ideas 

Couples getting married in a different location from their hometown chose that wedding to take away some of the build-up stress. Couples can also create the decorations they want for the venue. Here are some ideas to make your dream destination fun and exciting!

1. Opt for a Vintage Destination Wedding

For a fun and interesting wedding, some couples go back to the past and get inspiration from a certain era. The accessories used in this kind of wedding depend on the norm from that specific era. 

One example of a popular vintage destination wedding is Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s lavish Italian wedding in Portofino where Kourtney sported her huge oval-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring. 

The venue is filled with antique decorations, the car used is old-fashioned, and even the music at the wedding didn’t escape the theme. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without vintage wedding day diamonds. 

The bride usually wears bold diamond jewelry and engagement rings with prominent stones. The groom, however, can also sport a chunkier diamond wedding band to go with it.

Vintage rings are commonly searched as engagement rings but don’t be confused with its term. When the word “vintage” comes up, instantly you will think of something really old and tarnished, but it isn’t always the case. Most vintage engagement rings are newly made but possess jewelry designs from previous centuries.

2. Have a Beach Destination Wedding and Bonfire Reception

With beach weddings, there are fewer rules and you can be more creative. Lesser decorations can make you appreciate the beauty of your surroundings while listening to the relaxing sound of waves. Enjoy a laid-back wedding when you take the ceremony to the beach.

Normally, couples and guests are required to wear beach appropriate outfits. Having a beach wedding means breaking the norm; grooms don’t wear any shoes, and brides don’t wear big elegant gowns but instead wear a light flowy dress. 

Many beach weddings hold the ceremony in the water and the reception at a nearby hotel where they can set up a bonfire. Guests can have so much fun socializing while toasting marshmallows on a stick!

If the wedding ceremony happens right before sunset, another good option is to incorporate wedding sparklers during the couple’s grand entrance. The silhouette effect of the beach plus the gleaming effect of wedding sparklers make a beautiful moment for the guests to witness and for the photographer to capture.

In this setting, wedding day diamonds are usually pieces that look classy and dainty. This is to avoid overpowering the light ambiance of the wedding.

3. Ditch the Wedding Car and Ride a Helicopter Instead

Destination weddings are full of exciting adventures. There are a lot of new places you can go to and just enjoy the vibe of the entire wedding venue. But what if you can see your wedding venue from the skies?

Booking a helicopter ride during your destination wedding is the way to go! Especially if you are to take your vows on a tropical island or rugged mountains. Entering and leaving the venue riding a helicopter would be memorable! 

4. Take a Post-Destination Wedding Shoot

Wedding photoshoots days after your wedding is a great idea, especially if you are too nervous to show your bright smile before the wedding. It will also allow you and your partner to bond during your honeymoon phase.

With post-destination wedding photo shoots, newlyweds are also able to relax and visit places in their wedding area. Enjoy the whole place after the wedding and take post-wedding photoshoots to remember this special occasion. 

5. Say Your Vows and ‘I Do’ In Front of a Majestic Waterfall

Saying your vows and sealing them with ‘I Do’ during your wedding ceremony could be more magical if you are to marry in front of a waterfall. The unending sound of the flow of water can also be relaxing for everyone who attends.

Waterfall weddings are perfect for couples who love nature and like to go outdoors and for those who look for adventure. This type of wedding is low cost and easy to plan.

6. Go on Ski Trips for the Honeymoon 

If you love the alps and the winter season, going on ski trips could be the perfect plan for you and your spouse! Going on a ski trip for the honeymoon can be quite romantic and adventurous. By doing this activity, you can deepen the bond and enjoy yourselves with the mountain air.  

Destination Wedding Day Diamonds: What Are the Options?

  • Natural Diamonds

They are your regular colorless white diamonds and are made from carbon. It is known to be the hardest natural substance on earth. You can get diamonds mined at the exact destination of your wedding to make it memorable!

  • Lab Grown Diamonds

When natural mined diamonds are not abundant in your dream wedding destination, opting for diamonds grown in local laboratories can be a great alternative.

Lab created diamonds are real diamonds; the only difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is their origin. They are grown inside the laboratory where they use cutting-edge technology to replicate the growth condition of natural diamonds.

They have the same physical and chemical properties and are grown under the same condition as natural diamonds, but without the practices used in the mines.

  • Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

These are the most beautiful diamonds and are extremely rare. The popularity of these diamonds rises as more celebrities use them on the red carpet as engagement rings. The most famous of them would be pink diamonds, which also come in all colors of the rainbow. Due to their rarity, these types of diamonds are very expensive.

  • Treated Diamonds

They are mined like natural diamonds but the attributes of treated diamonds are artificially manipulated to have a better look. They use a special material which they use as a treatment to hide the inclusions and for color enhancement.

Diamonds that have been treated usually can’t be sold because of the manipulation. The equivalent value of them sharply decreases compared to the non-treated diamonds.

Example of Suitable Diamonds to Use in Kinds of Weddings

There is diamond jewelry that is suitable for a type of wedding. For example, if you are having a low-key beach wedding, putting on diamond stud earrings would be perfect for their elegance. There are various diamond cuts and shapes that can be used in different kinds of weddings. Below are some examples.

Beach Wedding

  • Collar Necklace
  • Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Cuff Necklace

Bohemian Wedding 

  • Long Crystal Earrings
  • Flower Crown
  • Anklet

Classic/Traditional Wedding

  • Pearl Necklace
  • Teardrop Jewelry Set


There are a lot of ideas and options you can use for your destination wedding and diamond jewelry for your special destination wedding day. But none of these is the priority. What’s important is that the ceremony is held perfectly without any accidents happening.

Regardless of which idea you apply to your destination wedding, having fun and making memories with your spouse is something both of you will treasure for a lifetime. Make a once-in-a-lifetime memory with your partner by planning your entire destination wedding day.

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