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This article is all about the most searched keyword flexiv chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch. To know why flexiv company famous for its robots, keep reading.

About flexiv

Flexiv is one of the popular company known for its advanced robots artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This company focus on adaptive robots. Flexiv robots are useful especially for industry use. They always try to improve the robotic system by providing artificial intelligence.

In the field of technology especially artificial intelligence AI, china plays a crucial role. One of the Chinese company by the name of flexiv invests 100 million dollars in the manufacture of robots chinese ai 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch. This investment is done with the help of other companies and top investors. One of the investors in ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch is Meituan

The founder of this robotic company is Shiquan Wang. Wang studied in California and start a flexiv company in 2016. Flexiv also works in California but most of the company employees are active in china.

Flexiv achieved certificates and awards  

Because of its excellent work, flexiv company achieved several certificates after making the force-controlled robots flexiv become the first robotic company who gain the CE and ETL certification.

Because of the flexiv chinese series meituanliaotechcrunch attractive and good-looking designs, flexiv won several design awards. And iF design award is one of them. Each year there are multiple entries submitted for iF design award around the globe. As this is one of the crucial awards for the reputation and popularity of the company.

Why flexiv is so serious about the adaptive robot?

There is some reason behind the truth that flexiv China company raise and spend hundreds of dollars to improve the quality of the robots.

  • There is a belief that the future era will be the era of robots and artificial intelligence.
  • Flexiv focuses on artificial intelligence. And all the adaptive robots are based on AI.
  • Artificial Intelligence is the human-like behavior of a machine. Where robots learn new ideas and new works just like humans learn from experience or from the environment.
  • Flexiv manufactured and design the world’s first adaptive robot.
  • As most of the flexiv robots are for industrial use. That is why flexiv uses heavy funds flexiv chinese ai 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch to improve software and hardware.
  • Today’s robots are smarter, more intelligent, and unique in their design.
  • Currently, the best use of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in the field of language translators. With the help of AI, we are able to convert one language into other without wasting more time.
  • The goal of flexiv is to revolutionalize the field of medical, agriculture, industrial, and service sector with adaptive robots.

Demonstration of the flexiv robots

flexiv chinese ai meituanliaotechcrunch demonstrated their new manufacturing robots at different events. At the 22nd CIIF china industrial industry fair, flexiv demonstrated its robots and their features of robots. At this special event, they demonstrated its force control technology.

Force control technology of flexiv is the combination of adaptive robots and artificial intelligence. In this event flexible also explained the industrial and general use of the adaptive robot. And they provided a lecture to the visitors, in which they explained the future of robotics, especially adaptive robots.

Flexiv updated the new robots as they can operate in complex situations. When there is a disturbance in the environment adaptive robots use Artificial intelligence and focus on the required task. This capability of adaptive robots made the chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch one of the leading series around the globe.

Flexiv Rizon robots

Rizon is one who won the title of the world’s first adaptive robot. This may be because of its high performance and use of Artificial intelligence.

Rizon has one special ability it can perform the task just like a human. This is because of its AI power.

The three main unique features of Rizon are given below.

  • High tolerance towards the targeted position

The adaptive robot can target the position even if there have some uncertainty in the position. This is one of the unique properties that separate adaptive robots from other ordinary robots.

Rizon robots are so balancing that it controls the ball to move along the circle. Apart from the circle, a more complicated trajectory can be achieved.

  • Disturbance rejection

As we mentioned earlier that adaptive robots have the ability to maintain the task even if there is some disturbance on the way.

Disturbance rejection is another great feature of the Rizon adaptive robot. The disturbance may be in the form of vibration, human interference, or a floating base. In all the situation rizon with the help of advanced software installed in it work smartly and intelligently.

  • Transferable intelligence

This feature of Arizona is very interesting that rizon can handle a wide variation of similar tasks. And have the ability to transfer its focus towards new tasks just after finishing one.

Demonstration of flexiv adaptive robots

The above features of adaptive robots are not just limited to the lab but all these features are tested in front of the audience at different events. Flexiv demonstrates adaptive robotics technologies and applications at CIIF 2020. CIIF stands for China Industrial Industry Fair, in which flexiv successfully demonstrated its robots.

In this demonstration, adaptive robots satisfied all the features which are associated with adaptive robots without facing any problems. The features such as high tolerance towards the position, disturbance rejection, and transferable intelligence.

In this demonstration, flexiv focused the industrial polishing. They proved in the show that flexiv robots can perform activities such as force control assembly, polishing of curved surfaces, and connector plugging with wiring harnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does flexiv make the adaptive robot?

Flexiv chinese meituanliaotechcrunch manufactured the world’s first adaptive robot.

  1. Why does flexiv focus on adaptive robots?

Adaptive robots are more advanced and smarter than ordinary robots. As artificial intelligence works behind adaptive robots.

  1. When did the felxiv company come into existence?

It was 2016 when shiquan wang found the flexiv robotic and machine learning company by the name of the flexiv.

  1. What will be the future of adaptive robots?

In the near future, adaptive robots will become more effective, especially for the use of industries. As the main target of this company is the industries.

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