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What is the most accurate hygrometer for a humidor?

A cigar smoker is a sophisticated type. He or she has a taste and an understanding of style. Cigars are different from cigarettes, so cigars have a special quality. This is also true for accessories that accompany cigars.

As every cigar aficionado knows, a humidor is a must. A humidor is the best way to keep cigars fresh and ready to smoke. Many styles and sizes are available, but you will always need one. They are beautiful and great conversation starters.

A humidor’s purpose is to maintain the proper humidity level within the cigars. This is achieved by the humidor’s water vaporization. The important part is that you need to be vigilant about the humidity level.

Although the ideal humidity for a humidor is often debated and argued about, it is generally quoted as being between 70% and 75% humidity. This can be measured using a device called the hygrometer. That’s why we’re here.

Top 10 Digital Hygrometers for Humidors:

The 10 Best Humidor Hygrometer

  1. Cigar Oasis Caliber4R Gold
  2. Inkbird ITH10 Digital
  3. AcuRite Hygrometer 00613
  4. Prestige Import Group Digital Gold
  5. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV digital
  6. Hygroset II Round Digital Hygrometer
  7. ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer
  8. Govee Humidity Monitor
  9. Xikar PuroTemp Round
  10. Amancy Digital Hygrometer

Guide to Buying

Precision items must be reliable and accurate. Without a doubt, the humidor hygrometer can be considered a precision instrument. It is vital to maintain cigars at the correct humidity and temperature. We will be addressing both at the end of the article. A Digital and Analog Hygrometer can detect the slightest deviation from the recommended humidity and ruin cigars.

Humidor Specific

About half of the items on this list are hygrometers. If necessary, they can be used in humidors. These are usually intended for outdoor use. While they can be useful for monitoring the temperature and humidity in a room, which can affect the humidor’s performance, we recommend you get one that is specifically designed for humidors. They will provide greater accuracy and can be mounted inside the box.

Accuracy of Humidity

Although humidity is more difficult to measure than temperature, some humidor hygrometers have an accuracy of +/- 1%. These models are recommended as they have the highest accuracy. This means that you will always get a reading that is as accurate as possible. A reading of 68% may be acceptable, but a reading of 65% may not be acceptable. This could cause your cigars to become too dry and tasteless. There is no significant price difference between accurate and less accurate models.

Accuracy in Temperature

Keep cigars cool by controlling the temperature. A mix of 70F and 70% is ideal. Any minor variations can be tracked. Temperature accuracy for those on the list is approximate +/- 1%. This is acceptable and common.

Simple to read

A hygrometer must be able to be scanned when the humidor is opened. You should not leave the humidor open for longer than a few minutes. This will cause temperature and humidity to become unbalanced. Make sure you choose a model with a clear, easy-to-read screen. The internal hygrometers in this list can all be read easily.


The hygrometer should come pre-calibrated. However, if you want to ensure that it is accurate, there will be a calibration method. This will ensure that your humidor is calibrated accurately.


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