What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Help Make Popular?

What fashion trend did “Miami vice” help make popular? The answer is that there was television series which was named Miami vice. This series popularize different fashion styles in Miami peoples.

About Miami 

In 1980, this TV series was liked by many people of Miami. The face of this program was Don Johnson.

He was the main actor who act in a leading role in this series. In the TV series, the actor in the leading role name was an officer named Sony Crockett.

There was also a side role who was named Kick Ricardo. These two were roles were that they were detectives. They introduced Kind of a fashion sense to the residents of Miami. The Miami residents were so inspired by Miami vice.

Some of these fashion trends still exist in nowadays times. Imagine how best is this show? The show was made in 1980 but still, the class of this show was vast. So many people are affected by this show. So, the following things are what fashion trend did ‘Miami vice” help make people popular?  

Soft Colors

The soft colours are those which are pleasant to the naked eyes. What fashion trend did “Miami Vice” help make people popular was the pastels. In other words soft colors. The light colors are very smooth kinds of colors.

The soft colors are introduced In the series. After that people of Miami also likes this trend. The people then promote this trend. Some people even color their walls white and then they bought white furniture.

To Wear No Socks

What fashion trend did “Miami Vice” help make people popular was to wear shoes with no socks on. The characters in this series were not wearing socks with shoes. Even with the formal shoes, they wear no shoes.

Even today this trend is alive. In recent years this trend was so in people’s fashion. It also looked nice. Even the shape of shoe socks was invented. This kind of socks was made to prevent injury to the user’s foot.

To Wear V-Neck T-Shirt

What fashion trend did “Miami Vice” help make people popular was wearing the t-shirt. A T.shirt with a v.neck. The series character was only seen with kind of shirts. These sheets were quite nice. People like this shirt.

People at the time liked this kind of shirt. Even today this shirt is being used by people. Also, the character would tuck in their shirt like a shirt in the pant.

Shoulder Pads

The character was wearing shoulder pads with every kind of shirt. Nowadays It was only worn by the people who own suits. The actors were introducing this trend to the public. The thing is that it would only look good with a coat. This is What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Help Make Popular?

Wear Wayfarer Shades And Soft Color Shades

The actors would also wear shades like wayfarer or soft colors. They were trying to promote this trend. People were affected by this trend. The dark wayfarer shades protect your eyes from the glare. When driving it is the thing that gives you style and comfort.


When do people ask you the question What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Help Make Popular? The Miami vice was a milestone that include a new trend in the life of people. It made people more fashionable.

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