What exactly are Phantom Galaxies?

There’s no better time than now to start exploring the exciting world of NFTs and cryptogames. And if you’re really into crypto and wondering how to incorporate it into games, read on to know about phantom galaxies and phantom galaxies nft.

Phantom Galaxies is a third-person shooting game that is one of the most visually appealing blockchain games available right now. People who like robots that can transform into spaceships will probably enjoy this. The vast virtual world of this game provides each player with a unique experience. It allows you to travel to other galaxies and engage in thrilling battles on the ground, in space, and in the air.

To survive and have a chance against the Sha’Kari, an advanced and superior alien race that wants to wipe out humanity in retaliation, two warring groups of humans must work together. They used Sha’Kari technology to create the “Starfighter,” a shape-changing spaceship. Exploring and navigating space while defending people from a potentially lethal threat.


As a pilot, you can command a robot Starfighter. But it’s not just about blowing up alien ships and causing havoc. This game has a ton of extra features that will keep you entertained and engaged.

Finish all quests and missions

When you complete a quest or mission, you will be rewarded with crafting materials. To keep you interested, this game has modes such as PVP Arena, PVE (players vs. environment), and other daily quests and missions. Find out, then proceed.

In games, there is also a lot of looting. There are numerous locations where you can obtain supplies and learn about Sha’Kari’s top-secret technologies that will benefit humanity as a whole.

However, keep in mind that there are risks. You may lose your Starfighter if it is damaged or destroyed in certain areas.

Create and sell NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allow players to create and trade in-game assets, and some items can be combined to create one-of-a-kind parts for your mechanized Starfighter that can be purchased and sold for real money.

Are there planets?

Yes, you read that correctly. Players can also form groups and command planets. Because this game is so competitive, you must collaborate with other players to survive and win. Both your starfighter and your avatar should be improved. By acquiring or selling rare parts, you can level up your avatar and improve your Starfighter.

The Metaverse of Several Chains

As if the game couldn’t get any better, it intends to create a multiverse by linking to other blockchains, each with its own galaxy. Players would then be able to communicate with one another across multiple blockchains. Consider the possibilities now that cross-blockchain transactions are possible. We can all agree that this will be significant.

Recent Happenings

What you see is exactly what you get. The graphics and design are incredible! Some game websites feature cool screenshots and previews, but when you play them, they are boring and lack imagination.

Phantom Galaxies’ Closed Alpha test on the Polygon blockchain did not fall short of expectations. “The Halberd-001” can be downloaded and played by NFT purchasers. The game’s play and the reactions to it were both fantastic. It was exactly what people had hoped for and expected.


Finally, a blockchain-based game that can compete with other games. A game that both looks and feels good! This is one of the games to keep an eye out for. It’s a lot more enjoyable now that players can purchase and sell items in the game using NFTs.

They may be able to make money from the game in addition to playing and enjoying it. Blockchain games will have far more cutting-edge features in the future than this one.

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