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Top tips for customising school leaver’s uniform

There are many ways you can customise your school leaver’s uniform. Here are some of them: Unique ties, Layering, Shoes, and School crest or name. It doesn’t matter whether the uniform is traditional or modern, and there are many ways you can make it unique. Your teachers will notice you, especially if you have a cool bag or a patch on it!

Unique ties

If your child is a high school student, you might want to buy a slightly different tie from the standard school uniform. Although you might be able to find a variety of brightly coloured neckwear, you may want to try one with a unique colour or design. Dark-coloured neckwear also shows off individuality and style. You can also choose pre-tied ties that are available in different sizes.

Standard clip-on ties come in a variety of lengths and widths. The tip of a tie should reach the beltline. Tie lengths typically range from eleven to fourteen inches, with longer and wider ties for older students. If the student is in between sizes, you can buy a tie with a smaller width to create a more proportionate look. If you’re choosing a tie for a boy, consider a narrower-width tie about three inches wide.

You might also consider purchasing zipper ties to customise the school uniform. These ties are secure via a loop at the neck, and the tie’s tail contains a zipper that can be unzipped when necessary. To remove the tie, you pull down the tie’s tail, unzip the tie, and then rezip it again. While zipper ties may seem more cumbersome than traditional ties, they provide the same aesthetic.

Neckwear has been around for centuries. The Indios of the Amazon and the Aborigines of Oceania have worn neckwear. It has a global tradition that goes back to the ancient Egyptians. Europe changed a lot during the Thirty Years War, bringing the necktie and scarf with it. The fashion for school ties became more widespread during this time. Today, ties are a part of many schools.


The school uniform allows students to add their personal touch by adjusting each item’s size, length, and fit. Students can also wear different coloured socks, which can be fun and more creative than the traditional basic black and white. Also, some schools allow students to wear certain shoes, while others require students to wear neutral-coloured shoes. However, it is essential to consider the school’s dress code, school leavers uniforms by Uniform Me, and the style of the shoes worn.

For some school leavers, adding layers to the uniform is fun to change the look. Many young women choose to wear a colourful, flirty dress under their uniform or a bold, funky hat to wear with their new hairstyle. If you’re unsure what to choose, it’s best to start with neutral colours, such as black and white, or bright colours, like red and yellow.

Adding a touch of personality

Another great way to customise a school uniform is by adding a touch of personality. For example, some schools allow students to wear patterned socks, which can be more exciting than primary colours. In addition, some schools allow students to choose their shoe styles so that you can add a fun accessory to the outfit. A school uniform can also be jazzed up by adding a scarf or necklace.

Another way to customise a school uniform is to layer it. If your child’s school only permits collared shirts, wearing a t-shirt or camisole underneath will add a stylish touch to the uniform. In winter, a cosy sweater will keep him warm. Another option for customising a school uniform is to wear a dress shirt, and you can add a blazer or a shirt underneath for an even more personal touch.

School crest or name

One way to customise school leavers’ uniforms is to have the shirt or polo embroidered with the school’s crest or name. Embroidery is a popular method of adding small logos or text to clothing, and it involves threading the coloured thread through the fabric. This method is best suited to school crests or individual names, but it is also possible to screen-print graphics on the clothing. There are set-up fees, but the result can be worth it if you’re willing to go the extra mile for your child’s style.

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