How Much Does Throttle Body Cleaning Cost?

Many small engine owners want to know how much does it cost to perform a throttle body cleaning?

A little background. Throttle body cleaning is the service performed on an engine by professional engine shops when something is preventing the engine from running properly.

It turns out that not everyone wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their car. Some people are looking for ways to save money and still get the same high-quality results.

The purpose of throttle body cleaning is to remove carbon buildup in the engine’s throttle body which may cause misfiring or reduced power. Carbon buildup is caused by dirty air intake filters, dirty or plugged carburetors, or the accumulation of soot inside the throttle body from an exhaust leak. As the carbon builds up, it clogs the passages that the throttle valves are attached to, preventing the valves from opening and closing normally. When a valve does not open, fuel is not being burned in the proper amount. This results in misfires or weak combustion. To clean the throttle body, a mechanic should be used who has been trained to do so.

1. The Process of Throttle Body Cleaning

Throttle body cleaning cost is done to remove carbon deposits and carbon buildup from the intake tract. This process involves cleaning all of the intake components, including the throttle body and air filter. The throttle body includes a mixture of carburetor and engine electronics. Carbon buildup can obstruct the flow of air through the throttle body, causing engine misfires or poor fuel consumption.

2. Who does it?

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3. What does it cost?

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4. How often is it done?

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In conclusion, throttle body cleaning cost, you need to remove the air intake manifold. After that, you need to remove the throttle body and the two throttle valve bolts. Once that is done, you can start to clean the throttle body with a high-pressure cleaning solution. The best way to do this is to use an air compressor to blow air through the throttle body. Make sure to let the air pressure run high, and then turn it down slowly when you have finished.

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