Answering top FAQs about pest control in Irvine

When you have insects/rodents on your property in Irvine, you must not delay seeking help. Homeowners often have questions about using pest control services and don’t always realize the relevance of appropriate measures. Through some common FAQs, you will learn more about these companies.

How much do local services charge?

There is no one answer to that. Professional pest control firms usually send teams to inspect properties, and only when the technicians are sure of the infestation do they offer an estimate. For the same reason, you shouldn’t choose a service that has a fixed price for all jobs.

Is it worth spending on pest control?

DIY ideas and hacks never really get rid of pests, and when you are concerned about the health of your family members, it is always better to call the experts. Besides adhering to the standard practices, you can expect a warranty and ask for help if the infestation resurfaces. The right pest control company has the tools, workforce, and equipment required for the job.

What are some telltale signs of pests?

Droppings, urine, gnaw marks, nests, and unusual activities at night are common signs that pests are thriving on your property. You may also spot a few insects in the open and might find a musty odor around the house, especially in the closed spaces, including the attic and basement.

How to find a good company for eliminating pests?

Ensure the pest control service has a valid license. The workers must have training and should be on the payroll of the company. Liability insurance is also a prime factor. You can compare local names based on ratings and reviews posted on Google and other platforms. Check whether you can get a warranty, which should be mentioned in the quote with the applicable terms and conditions.

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What is green pest control?

Companies now rely extensively on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, also called IPM. Instead of just killing insects and rodents, workers take measures to eliminate the infestation by using safer means, including traps. Also, harmful chemicals are done away with, and wherever possible, they use botanical and eco-friendly products. A lot also depends on the type of species and the work involved.

If you are new in Irvine, always make an effort to check whether the company has been around for a long time. An experienced team can make a big difference and will adhere to the safety measures required for the job.

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