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Tech news video games have become an integral part of our lives, and there are a variety of sources of information for gamers. Contracast, a video game podcast, is one example. Another is Joystiq, a weblog with clear reviews. Other sources include GamesRadar+, a consumer review website, and the Christ Centered Gamer.

Contracast is a tech news video game podcast

Contracast is a video game podcast hosted by Colin Moriarty, a veteran of the video game industry. The show focuses on the latest news from the industry and features guests who share their unique insights into the world of video games. This podcast isn’t only informative, it also highlights the work and importance of people of color in the industry. Although it’s a smaller audience, this podcast offers a wide range of topics.

Contracast also features guests who specialize in various video games. Some of these experts are industry veterans, while others are freelancers. Some of the most well-known podcasts feature knowledgeable panelists and experts in different disciplines. All of them have a unique focus and style.

Joystiq is a weblog

It’s rumored that the video games technology blog Joystiq is shutting down. Sources close to the site say they’re aware of the rumour, but are unable to confirm the closure. They’re concerned about an immediate shutdown, but have no further comment.

The site was originally founded in 2004 as a part of the new wave of gaming weblogs. Joystiq was a knowledgeable aggregator of all things video game-related. The gaming industry became more popular in the mid-’00s and the blog grew rapidly.

AOL, the parent company of TUAW and Joystiq, has announced their decision to shutter the video game weblog. The move comes amid a restructuring effort at AOL. The company plans to cut its content business and shutter “underperforming” properties NFL Picks for week.

GamesRadar+ has clear reviews

GamesRadar+ is a website that provides reviews of video games. The site is run by Future plc, which also owns Total Film, SFX, Edge, Computer and Video Games, among other publications. The site merged with those publications in late 2014 and expanded to become GamesRadar+. The site provides a balanced review of video games and provides news about different games.

The website hosts the podcast “TalkRadar”, which is available on iTunes and the main site. The podcast also features interviews with non-video game figures. Its hosts discuss the weekly top 7 on the site, recent video game releases, and game deals. They also answer questions on forums and read responses from fans. The podcast hosts include Brett Elston and Mikel Repraz, as well as occasional contributors.

Christ Centered Gamer is a magazine

The Christ Centered Gamer is a website that reviews video games with a Christian slant. They use a system of ratings that emphasizes playability, story, and faith in their reviews. They also provide news and blogs in 63 languages. Christ Centered Gamer also frequently hosts competitions and offers prizes to the winners. They also encourage gamers to donate money to help the poor. Lastly, the website offers helpful guides for gamers.

Christ Centered Gamer is a popular magazine for Christians who are interested in gaming. The website focuses on video games from a Christian perspective, separating the subjective opinions from the spiritual/moral aspects of a game. This allows people to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a game. The website has won the praise of both Christians and non-Christians alike. In addition to video game reviews, it also features a family-friendly Minecraft server.


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