Somerville Street Cleaning Tips

Somerville street cleaning program has been going strong since 1993, when the city of Somerville began using a fleet of street sweepers.

 For most homeowners, it’s a daily battle to keep their home spick and span. But what if there was a way to save some water by cleaning your house efficiently and effectively? Somerville Stree Cleaning is a mobile app that allows you to clean your home while saving water and money. Somerville Street Cleaning has been created by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who all come from backgrounds in marketing and technology. This app is designed to help you save up to 10% of your water bill, and to reduce your cleaning costs by up to 30%. The app also gives you step by step instructions on how to keep your home spick and span.

1. What is the Purpose of Somerville Street Cleaning?

We have a lot of stuff around us – both physical and digital. But it’s the latter that is often overlooked. Somerville Street Cleaning is a great example of a digital tool that helps people connect with the physical world. In its simplest terms, Somervile Street Cleaning is an online platform that allows residents to share photos, videos, and comments about street conditions in their neighborhoods. They’ll then receive a monthly update of all of the problems reported in their neighborhood.

2. How Does a City Go about Somerville Street Cleaning?

The city of Somerville hired an outside company to clean its streets in a series of scheduled rounds throughout the year. The company, Somerville Cleaners, used a team of eight people who cleaned about 15 blocks each time. The workers were divided into four teams: trash removal, sweeping, picking up broken glass, and tree removal. Each block would be cleaned twice in the course of the year.

3. Why Is it Important to Have an Effective Somerville Street Cleaning Program?

Many Somerville residents and businesses depend on the cleanliness of the sidewalks in the area around Union Square. When I talk to business owners, they often cite the lack of sidewalk cleanliness as one of the main reasons why people don’t shop in their areas. The street needs to be cleaned regularly to keep customers happy. To get the word out, Somerville’s street cleaning department sends out flyers and emails letting residents know about the scheduled cleaning dates, so there will be no surprises.

4. When Is the Best Time to Initiate Somerville Street Cleaning?

On any given day, the City of Somerville has five to six trash trucks working the streets of Somerville. The goal of the program is to pick up the litter, debris, and recyclables from the streets before it gets into stormwater drains and becomes a problem for the city’s wastewater treatment plants. The program also involves picking up grass clippings and leaves, which contribute to smog. It’s a huge part of the city’s overall sustainability efforts.

5. How Should Somerville Street Cleaning be Organized?

How Should Somerville Street Cleaning be Organized? Some people are cleaning their streets in a random fashion, while others have an organized plan for their clean up efforts. The latter group often enjoy more success in terms of keeping their streets clean.


In conclusion, The Somerville Streets Department is committed to the ongoing education and training of its employees. We believe that an open, honest environment promotes accountability and ensures that we provide the highest quality service to the City and our residents. Our employees take pride in their work and know that each day they are helping improve their community.

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