Russia-Ukraine War Latest No Progress In Peace Talks, Says Moscow

Russian negotiators say they’re “nowhere near ready to resume serious negotiations” over the Ukrainian war. So the latest cease-fire announced by the U.N. General Assembly does not represent a breakthrough in the peace talks. The resolution condemned Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and urged an immediate cessation of hostilities and protection of civilians. However, Russia and other powers opposed the answer, with Syria, Belarus, and Eritrea joining the opposition. Thirty-eight countries abstained from voting on the resolution.

On Monday, U.S. Military Commander in Europe said that Russia would refocus its military efforts in eastern Ukraine, saying that the country’s annexation of Crimea was a “provocation” of the U.S. and E.U. policies. The Pentagon also warned that Russian forces have failed to achieve their objective of encircling Kyiv. Instead, they have repositioned near Kyiv. In the meantime, Ukraine’s foreign minister and NATO chief arrived in Turkey for talks with Russia.

Russia- Ukraine Peace TalkĀ 

The latest peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have failed to produce any tangible progress, with Moscow accusing Kiev of not being serious about negotiations. On Wednesday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that the two sides are still “a long way” from a resolution to the conflict. The latest round of talks was supposed to occur in Minsk, Belarus, on Thursday but was postponed due to bad weather.

The negotiations between representatives from Russia and Ukraine broke down again, with both sides accusing the other of refusing to make any real concessions. The failure to resolve the conflict is likely due to several factors, including Russia’s unwillingness to cede control over Crimea and the support that Kiev has received from the U.S. and other Western nations.

The latest peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have lasted four hours. The Ukrainian side is insistent on a full peace deal and wants a referendum on the final settlement. The Russian side insists on consulting with Ukraine regarding Crimea. The UNHCR has said that around three million people have fled since the war began. As the conflict worsens, the UNHCR said that the coping capacities of the refugees are reaching the breaking point.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says the talks at the Dolmabahce Palace on the Bosphorus strait on March 5 are the only real signs of progress. The talks will not resume on Wednesday. Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Moscow. Although the latest cease-fire in the Russian-Ukrainian war is still a far cry from the peace process in Ukraine, the two sides are determined to make progress in the negotiations.

While the cease-fire talks were supposed to mark a breakthrough, the latest no-fire in Ukraine is an indication that the conflict is far from over. The two sides are not even close to a final settlement, so knowing what the future holds isn’t easy. But a major step forward is now within reach. Despite these difficulties, the negotiating team is optimistic. At least a partial cease-fire will be possible.

Since the Ukraine-Russia war, peace talks have been taking place in Minsk, Belarus, but no progress has been reported, according to Moscow. The war has left more than 10,000 people dead and millions displaced.

There are some signs that a cease-fire may not be possible. But the latest no-fire agreement is not likely to bring any immediate results. A cease-fire agreement in the Ukraine war has been impossible to strike in the last two years because of the Russians’ intransigence. The two sides have negotiated several terms, but the Donbas region has halted the talks.

While Russia has promised to halt its offensive in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, the talks are still not moving forward. While the Russian army hasn’t been able to capture major cities, it has achieved its primary objective of an invasion. But it’s not easy to find a peaceful solution, and a cease-fire is necessary. It will take several days to end the war.

The latest cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia has made no progress. The United States and other NATO members are unwilling to negotiate with Russia, but a cease-fire agreement is. Both sides are unwilling to compromise until both sides agree on specific wordings. While the U.S. and Russian presidents are indifferent to the cease-fire, they want a “constructive” solution.

The peace talks are making little progress. But Russia has offered to halt its military operations near Kyiv and Chernihiv. On Wednesday, however, Ukrainian forces continued to shell the capital. The Kremlin is holding out the prospect of direct talks between Zelenskyy and Putin. In the meantime, there are no plans for humanitarian corridors to open. But in a few months, they will make no progress in the peace talks.

Final Words

The Russia-Ukraine war has seen no progress in peace talks, with Moscow stating that the war is now a “frozen conflict.” However, the international community must do more to help resolve this conflict, lest it continues to fester.

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