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Rescuing a damaged relationship

Even if you relate as an introvert, you cannot deny the significance of having a quality relationship. Romantic relationships like marriage are especially important in life.

But sustaining these relationships is also a big task. To make matters more complicated, there is no one rule book that can ensure a successful relationship, since every person is different.

However, a lack of quality relationships can have similar effects on people. Alongside causing mental health issues stemming from loneliness, it can also pave way for anxiety, and depression, meriting then the intervention from the best Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Therefore, working on your romantic relationships is imperative, especially when you run into a rough patch.

Rescuing a damaged relationship

Take responsibility and apologize

If the mistake that damaged the relationship was yours, you must take responsibility. Trying to shift the blame to your partner is not healthy. And neither should you try to find excuses for your behavior. The mature thing to do is take it as a learning moment, apologize and move on.

Give your partner the benefit of the doubt

If the problem pertained more to your partner, and they are remorseful, then the better thing to do is to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you start thinking about alternate scenarios, it is yourself you will hurt, not to mention your relationship.

Reflect over your expectations

Sometimes, the conflict and issues arise from mismatched expectations. It may be that you are expecting far too much from your partner, which is not fair to them. Or you might not be transparent in your communication about your expectations. In either case, misplaced expectations become the source of conflict and friction in the partnership.

Evaluate if you want to take your relationship forward or not

Some mistakes might be irredeemable. There are sources of conflict that are more serious than the other and cannot be negotiated. If your relationship runs into such issues, you need to evaluate if you want to take your relationship forwards or not.

For example, if your partner is gaslighting you or emotionally abusing you, then saying good riddance to such a relationship is better.

Compromise is important

As the song goes, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along. Therefore, to heal your damaged relationship, you also need to learn to compromise. Meet your partner halfway, otherwise, the relationship will be harder to sustain.

Do not compare your relationship to others

Only you and your partner are fully aware of your relationship dynamic. If you continue to compare your relationship to others, or let others dictate your relationship, then you are bound to continue running into problems. Instead of fixing problems, it will then harm your relationship further.

Therefore, do not compare your relationship to others. Of course, you can seek counsel and help from your friends and family, but the ultimate say should be yours and your partners.

Work on communication

Having healthy communication is imperative for all relationships, especially romantic ones. Even when you are running into problems, you should keep all communication channels open. Talking to your partner with honesty and openly allows you to resolve issues and establish ground rules that help in preventing future conflict.

Focus on the good

When you are ruminating in the negative, as usually is the case when dealing with conflict in your relationship, you tend to then become very negative in your outlook. You focus on all that is wrong with your relationship. You become more bitter towards your partner as well.

To prevent this vicious cycle of negativity, try to focus on the good in your relationship, the positive aspects of your partner and your love for them.

Seek expert help

Getting help from an expert like a couple’s counselor can be of help when trying to save and rescue your relationship. However, sometimes, the issue might be to do with your mental health in particular, in which case you should visit the best Psychiatrist in Karachi. An expert can help with management of any mental health problems getting in the way of your partnership, or vice versa as well.

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