Popular Products & Services on GeM and How to Start Bidding on GeM

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal is an online platform that enables government organisations to procure goods and services from registered sellers. GeM office is headquartered in the capital city of New Delhi. This online portal is designed to facilitate procurement by government organisations in India. Central government, state governments, PSUs, etc. can buy products and services listed on GeM portal. 

That said, with such a huge traffic landing on GeM on a daily basis and the process too long and sometimes complicated, it’s not a bad idea to resort to tender aggregators like BdAssist and get help in winning bids for GeM tenders. Such websites, especially BidAssist, has a special GeM & Bid Advisory section which helps bidders in everything from registration on GeM to consultation and all the way to submitting bids for GeM tenders. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular products and services on GeM Portal that buyers and sellers engage in. 

Popular Products to Bid on GeM Portal 

As a prospective bidder and seller, you must be aware of the most popular product categories on GeM portal so that you know the most common GeM portal tender to look out for. 

The following are some of the types of products that can be bid on the GeM portal:

  • Oxygen Gas & Accessories: This section consists of oxygen concentrator, oxygen flow meter, O2 gas cylinders and more. 
  • Office Supplies: This includes stationery items, office equipment, and furniture.
  • Electronics and IT Products: This includes computers, laptops, printers, servers, and other IT equipment.
  • Automotive Products: This includes vehicles, spare parts, and accessories.
  • Furniture: This includes chairs, tables, cabinets, and other office furniture.
  • Industrial Products: This includes machinery, tools, and equipment used in manufacturing or construction.
  • Medical Supplies: This includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, hand sanitisers, air pollution masks, surgical gloves, Covid-19 Kit and other healthcare-related products.
  • Security Equipment: This includes surveillance cameras, access control systems, and other security-related products.
  • Construction Material: This includes cement, bricks, steel, and other construction-related products.

These are just some examples of the types of products that can be bid on the GeM portal. The range of products available on the portal is extensive, covering a wide variety of categories and subcategories. The GeM portal is designed to make the procurement process simpler, faster, and more transparent for government organizations and registered sellers.

Popular Services to Bid for a GeM Portal Tender 

The GeM portal also allows for the procurement of various services such as transportation, logistics, consultancy, and other professional services.

Transportation Services: This includes road, air, and sea transportation services for goods and passengers.

Professional Services: This includes consultancy services such as legal, financial, and accounting services, as well as training and development services.

Maintenance and Repair Services: This includes maintenance and repair services for equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Cleaning and Housekeeping Services: This includes cleaning services for offices, buildings, and other facilities.

Security Services: This includes security services such as security guards, access control, and surveillance.

Event Management Services: This includes event planning and management services for various types of events.

Healthcare Services: This includes healthcare-related services such as medical checkups, diagnostic services, and healthcare management.

Digital Services: This includes digital services such as software development, website design and development, and digital marketing services.

Education and Training Services: This includes education and training-related services such as e-learning, training and development, and coaching.

How to Bid on GeM Portal? 

To bid on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal, take note of the following steps: 

  1. Register on GeM portal: The first step to bidding on the GeM portal is to register as a seller or service provider. You will need to provide your company’s details, including your PAN and GST numbers. 
  2. Update your company profile: Once your registration is approved, update your company profile with all the relevant details, such as the products or services you offer, pricing, and delivery timelines.
  3. Search for relevant tenders: Search for relevant tenders that match your products or services. You can filter the tenders based on category, location, value, and other criteria.
  4. Download tender documents: Download the tender documents and carefully read the terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and other requirements.
  5. Submit your bid: Prepare your bid document as per the specifications given in the tender document. You can submit your bid online on the GeM portal by filling out the bid form and attaching the necessary documents. If you’re finding problems in placing your bids, you can contact websites like BidAssist and they will help you in finding the right GeM portal tender and also to prepare and submit a bid for the same. However, to get the best of their services, it is recommended to purchase one of the GeM Plans starting from Rs 499 only. 
  6. Attend the bid opening: Once the bid submission deadline is over, the portal will notify you of the bid opening date and time. You can attend the bid opening online or in person, as per the instructions given in the tender document.
  7. Award of tender: The portal will evaluate the bids based on the evaluation criteria given in the tender document, and the tender will be awarded to the successful bidder.

These are the general steps involved in bidding on the GeM portal. The exact process may differ depending on the tender requirements and the type of products or services being procured. It is important to carefully read the tender document and follow the instructions given in it to increase your chances of winning the bid against a GeM portal tender.

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