Is Hummary legit?

Are you on the list who loved online shopping?? Well, it’s not a bad idea at all. But wait, do you know multiple online stores just scam people? Or did you believe that the internet is full of trustworthiness??

Here in this article, we will discuss one of the famous stores known as hummary. We collect all the important information about this website and want to summarize it in front of you. At the end of this article, we will spotlight the reviews.

What is hummary 

Recently hummary has been a very hot topic on the internet and social media, especially among the lovers of online shopping.

Hummarey store is an online platform that delivers different products to customers. You can easily deal with this store through their website at And can order your favorite product which is available on the website.

Important factors for any online store

There are the basic frame and rules to find any website authentic. Know this basic frame and compare any website with it you will easily be sure about the authentification of the website or online store.

Unique content/products 

We talk about the shopping website, so the very first thing you need to be sure about that before going to order something from the internet is the unique products.

The product you choose must be the original and property of that website or store. There are multiple online stores that use the content of other stores just to attract the people and unfortunately, hummarey is one of them.

On we found such content that is present on other websites too from the very beginning. This type of activity from the store adds multiple negative thoughts to the mind of the customers and the store becomes suspicious.

Physical address and contact number 

The website that provides informative content may not require its physical address but if we talk about the website where you purchase or deliver something you need to know the physical existence of that website.

That’s the reason that authentic stores often add physical and real addresses on their website. Once again hummarey is out of this and we do not found any physical address and most importantly helpline number, customers can make contact in case of any difficulties.

Trust score

Trust score is the average feeling of the customers about the website. A close trust score of 100 more will be the popularity of the website. According to the scam adviser website, the trust score of Hummarey is only 1 out of 100.

You can see how low this rating is. The reason behind this low rating may be the negative comment of the customers in favor of hummarey store. Most of the customers vote for this website as a scam.

Another bad news is that the hummarey website does not contain an SSL certificate. All authentic and real websites use SSL certificate because it provides security for online communication. reviews 

Reviews from the customers strengthen or weaken the website. A positive review from the customers makes the website more authentic and attractive while negative reviews from the customers make the website suspicious for the new users.

Most of the reviews of are negative and not in the favor of the website. Lots of customers are still waiting for their products even after 2 to 3 months of order.

Last note 

Above we mentioned those factors which are important for the authentication of any website and unfortunately is far away from that.

If you are still confused about this website and want to know that is dealing with is safe? So in simple words, nooo don’t waste your time as well as your money by dealing with such suspicious websites.

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