How to sell bitcoin online?

Bitcoin is a type of digital cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be sold online through many cryptocurrency exchange websites. Bitcoin is sold by people when its value drops and for many other reasons. The drop in the value of the bitcoin is not the only reason people sell them.

Bitcoin are illegal in some countries and legal in other countries. As they are illegal so many banks do not support them. But some banks still support them. They have also made Bitcoin ATM for people to exchange their bitcoin.

When people exchange their bitcoin through a bitcoin ATM. They have to pay a transaction fee that varies from 7% to 25%. Like the bitcoin ATM the cryptocurrency exchange website also has an extremely low transaction fee. The transaction fee for a cryptocurrency exchange website is 0.1%. But this can be lowered by 25% by buying the cryptocurrency website’s native coins.

Sell bitcoin online on Binance

People sell bitcoin online on Binance. Binance is the best cryptocurrency exchange website. As this website is very secure many people and investors use this website. This website is used by investors and people to trade and sell bitcoin online and many other cryptocurrencies.

Binance is one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange websites. The security of binance is bank-level security. Binance provides its customer with a secure cryptocurrency exchange service. Binance also helps people to do their cryptocurrency trade. On binance, people can do cheap transactions as it only charges a 0.1% transaction fee.

Sell bitcoin online on

Bitcoin can be sold online at This website is a cryptocurrency exchange website. On this website, you have to first sign up and create your account. After that, you have to set the amount of bitcoin you want to sell. The website will tell you how much cash you will get. After this, the website will do some verification processes.

In the verification process, the website asks you about your id card, credit card, profile, mobile number, and many other verification kinds of stuff, etc. The exchange is done immediately on your cellphone. This verification is done once but sometimes it’s done repeatedly. The transaction on this website is done through Interac-e-transfer.

You can sell your bitcoin and then transfer the amount of money to your bank account. Or you and even sell your bitcoin and then get through a bitcoin ATM in a bank. But the bitcoin ATM will charge 7% to 25% of the transaction fee. So this means that the online cryptocurrency exchange website is more favorable than a bitcoin ATM in a bank.

Bitcoin value in the world

Bitcoin value increases in some areas of the world. But in some areas, their value decreases. Nowadays the value of bitcoin in the United States dollar currency is USD 19,427.00. The value constantly increases and decreases at a pace according to the markets.

When the value starts to increase people start to invest in bitcoin. But when it begins to decrease people start selling it. The decrease in the value of bitcoin. And the increase in the value of bitcoin is not the only reason they are being sold. Sometimes some people sell them due to some personal reasons.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Investing Platforms

Some bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange and investing platforms are BlockFi, Uphold, eToro, Bitcoin IRA, etc.

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