How to Choose the Right Annulment Attorney for Your Case

Annulments are sometimes an option for couples who wish to end their marriages. However, unlike divorces, annulments can carry a stigma.

Choosing the right New York family lawyer for your case is essential. You should hire someone who understands your needs and can handle complex issues such as child custody, property division, and alimony.


A lawyer with annulment experience would be best because divorce differs from divorce. You can get recommendations from bar associations and professional attorney organizations, but you can also ask friends and relatives whether they know of a lawyer who can help.

An excellent attorney will be highly skilled in handling complicated matters, such as fraud, mental incapacity, and lack of consent. A skilled attorney in prenuptial disputes NJ can identify and gather the proper evidence quickly and efficiently.

In New York, there are numerous grounds for an annulment, including bigamy, infidelity, and fraud. However, it can be difficult to prove fraud claims without an affidavit from a third party with direct knowledge. In addition, an annulment does not affect child custody and support obligations.


The amount you pay to an attorney will depend on their hourly rate. Please find out how much they charge per hour and how long they estimate your case will take. Ask them to deposit a retainer upfront if they charge an hourly fee. This goes into a particular account they draw from as they work on your case.

Some attorneys offer family law services for a flat fee, but not all do. If you’re interested in hiring a flat-fee annulment lawyer, find out whether they can handle everything related to your case.

If your husband finds out he’s sterile, it could qualify as grounds for an annulment. However, this type of annulment will still require you to prove that he had no intention of having children or could not have them during the marriage. Also, an annulment may not address custody and child support issues since it doesn’t technically end the marriage.


A lawyer with a solid reputation can be a valuable resource for your case. Friends and family who have gone through an annulment may be able to provide referrals, or you can contact professional attorney organizations or your state’s bar association for help finding an annulment attorney who is right for you.

An annulment is comparable to a divorce in that it affirms that a marriage was never valid in the first place rather than dissolving an already-valid marriage. An annulment is more challenging than a divorce, yet it is achievable in rare cases. An accomplished lawyer can assist in determining whether your union satisfies the conditions for an annulment in New York.

Under New York law, an annulment can be granted because One of the parties was underage at the time of the marriage. One of the parties could not consent to the marriage because of mental retardation or illness. One of the parties was forced to marry or entered into the marriage under pretenses, such as fraud.


An annulment is not a routine process, and several requirements must be fulfilled to be effective. The law company you select needs to have a proven track record of successfully dissolving unions and be able to guide you through each step of the procedure.

During your consultation, ask the attorney how many cases they have handled, their win/loss record, and how long it takes to get an annulment (although this can be difficult to determine without knowing the circumstances of your case). Find out who will handle different steps in the annulment and whether the lawyer will be your primary contact or if paralegals or associates will work on your file.

If you are afraid of your spouse and need help getting away, an experienced attorney can help determine if an annulment or divorce is the best option. They can also help you complete paperwork to get an order of protection and start fresh with a clean slate.

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