Can you find a name with reverse phone lookup?


A reverse phone lookup refers to a utility capable of looking up details of a user based on the user’s phone number.

You may think of a reverse phone lookup as a google search engine for phone number searches.

The working principle of a reverse phone lookup is simple. The online utility often has a lot of data associated with mobile numbers in its database. When prospective users query a cell phone number, they merely request access to the extensive database of the reverse lookup online utility. 

This implies that a more extensive database will provide more information about a cell phone number. Reverse phone lookup utilities like NumLooker provide exceptional results due to access to public service records.

The applications of reverse phone lookup are truly limitless. Search people with NumLooker, you can access the verifiable name of the phone owner, scaringly accurate address details, and even social media profiles to mention a few. 

Overview of NumLooker

NumLooker is a foremost reverse phone lookup utility touted as one of the very best utilities in this regard due to its large database and access to public service records. Other factors that make NumLooker an industry leader include its prioritization of user experience on its website. 

By presenting a simple-to-use graphical user interface, NumLooker captures the broad range of customers who are interested in checking the details of phone numbers with little technical knowledge. Check this site for people’s search.

Some of the features of NumLooker are:

An extensive database

NumLooker has access to a wide range of public service records and this ensures that this reverse phone lookup utility is never out of the information loop. Periodic additions to its database also go a step further to guarantee the reliability of information gotten on NumLooker.

Ease of use

For reverse phone lookup utilities, it’s extremely important to maintain an easy-to-use interface. This may be attributed to the broad target demographic of such utilities. A 75-year-old who wants to query a number needs the process to be as seamless as possible. A 16-year-old who wants to do a mini background check on her new boyfriend probably uses this utility as well. 

Considering all these, it makes perfect sense for a universally acceptable GUI that can be accessed easily by everyone regardless of age, level of education, or exposure.


One of the fundamentals of a background check is secrecy. It makes no sense at all to run a background check on an individual who knows your intentions. NumLooker also understands this and adheres strictly to the rules of confidentiality as it pertains rever phone lookup services for its customers.

What Factors Did We Consider to Choose NumLooker? 

It’s natural to wonder how we came about the reverse phone lookup utility called NumLooker, and why we think it’s arguably one of the best reverse phone lookup services out there.

Thankfully, we have already looked at some of the features of NumLooker in this article, and the aforementioned features are some of the factors considered. These factors include ease of use, confidentiality, and an extensive database, but there’s more.

Considerable Premium Pricing

While NumLookers offers reverse phone lookup services for free, there are certain privileges associated with premium searches, and these privileges will cost you.

Thankfully, you don’t have to lose a limb just to get a comprehensive report on NumLooker as premium searches can cost as low as $1.

Available in Every State

Due to varying legislation in different parts of the U.S, most reverse phone lookup brokers are unavailable in some states. NumLooker reverse phone lookup is available in all states of the U.S. 

This means that you never have to choose a new phone lookup utility anytime you leave your comfort zone. 

Accurate and Detailed Results

NumLooker offers accurate and detailed search results based on a regularly updated database with access to public service records. It’s one thing to do a background check, it’s another to get accurate results based on recently uploaded information, and this is one of the many reasons why NumLooker remains a household name in the rever phone lookup service industry.

What Information Can You Get From phone lookup? 

A reverse phone lookup can reveal much more information than most people know. These days, it’s advised to check suspicious phone numbers. 

This information is largely available as a result of modern online security verification processes. For instance, most two-factor authentication security solutions require a functional cell phone number, and these days, virtually all social media sites require two-factor authentication for secure login.

This implies that pretty much all social media platforms have the registered cell phone numbers of all users and more. Now you know just how much information is available to reverse phone lookup brokers.

For the sake of conciseness, here’s a list of information you can get from a reverse phone lookup.

Owners Name

A basic reverse phone lookup is sure to give users the full names, and in some cases, any name changes of a cell phone owner.


This is often the missing piece of the puzzle for most users of reverse phone lookup services. Photos associated with a cellphone number can be gotten easily from a reverse phone lookup service like NumLooker. 

Dating Profiles

The dating profiles associated with cell phone numbers can also be gotten from reverse phone lookup services. This can be very helpful for parents who would like to know more about their child’s partner without breaching confidentiality.

Contact Details

The is often offered as a premium service, but it can be completely free on certain phone lookup utilities. This basically gives all recorded contact information about the queried phone number.

Address History

Reverse phone lookup also provides detailed information on the address history associated with a cell phone number. Once again, this is often a premium feature on most utilities.


Can you really find a name from a cell phone number? Yes, you can find a name and so much more information from just a cell phone number. To do this, all you need is a tested and trusted industry standard reverse phone lookup utility like NumLooker and the phone number you intend to query. 

Reverse phone lookup services have become quite commonplace among the modern population, and it seems to be here for good.

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