Basics of Title IX you should know

Title IX is a right that allows students in the United States to stand against sexual discrimination in the educational sector. The laws are even valid within the sports structure and any woman or man who is facing gender-based discrimination or bias can consult a California education lawyer for exercising their rights. Moreover, any lost opportunity because of your gender is considered as discrimination and no educational institute has the right to do that to any student. In addition, Title IX laws include sexual harassment and violence, which means that any form of sexual abuse is considered a violation of Title IX federal laws. Read below to learn more about Title IX:

Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination in education

Title IX is a federal civil right that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education as well as sports. In addition, it also addresses sexual harassment, abuse, and violence, such as rape, stalking, threat, or exhibitionism. You can move to court for violation of Title IX laws. 

Title IX is not limited to female students only 

Most people presume that as it is related to sex-based discrimination it can only be exercised by female students in any educational institute. However, any person who has suffered gender-based discrimination can file a lawsuit against the lawbreaker.

Your educational institute is liable to take action against Title IX violation 

As per law, colleges must ensure that their campus is free of sex discrimination. If you have faced any form of gender-based discrimination, whether directly or indirectly, you can complain to the higher authorities in your educational institute and it is their responsibility to take action.

Sexual violence prohibits mediation rights

The Title IX laws clearly state that the college cannot encourage mediation between the victim and the wrongdoer in case of sexual violence. Thus, you have the right to directly move to a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the culprit.

In most colleges, you will find a policy that complies with Title IX laws. The US Department of Education has made it mandatory for every educational Institute to prevent sexual harassment, violence, and sex-based discrimination. It is the responsibility of every college to address complaints against such violations and report the issue to legal authorities if not handled within the educational premises. However, some violations are considered a heinous crime and must be reported to the police, as well as the judiciary. To conclude, never allow anyone to take any opportunity from you based on your gender, and in case you have been sexually harassed, file a complaint against the culprit right away.

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