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Have you got a friend in your group who is always complaining about his tough work life? Yes, I have got one and I have to listen to his rants every day as he is also my work colleague and we come back home together. He has an additional charge of keeping an eye on the departmental level work as well. Thus managing his work along with the additional charge is pretty tough for him. I have to listen to his cries almost every day as there is mostly one or new case of any weird happening in the department. For example one of the employees made huge chaos by blaming a fellow employee that he was trying to steal his work. He was a new employee and probably thought that everything that he has watched in the Hollywood movies about the corporate sector is true. Thus keeping that in mind he thought that maybe it is very common to steal each other work. On the other hand, the other employee was just checking his background wallpaper as a curious person and nothing more. As in charge of the monitoring committee, my friend had to waste almost one hour to make things clear between the two employees.

Well, this is the nature of the job of a person who is responsible for keeping an eye on the employee. Thankfully his struggling days are over and so do mine as the company has decided to use the software for monitoring employees. It was indeed a piece of happy news for him and other monitoring heads but apparently, many employees were not happy with the decision. Even there was a rotation of messages that ask the employees to gather in front of the office for a peaceful protest against this decision. All I can say is that it is all the rant from those people who know nothing about this technology. Otherwise, an employee monitoring app like OgyMogy offers the best monitoring feature both for employees and employers.

Check Their Screen Activities:

With the help of the spy app it is indeed very easy to track the screen activities so the target employee with few clicks. The screen recording feature keeps the record of all the screen activities with timestamp information. You can know if anyone is wasting time playing games, watching YouTube videos, or working on the same project for months. The daily and monthly productivity of each of the individual employees can be recorded and monitored easily with the help of the Spy app.

About The Distraction of Social Media:

With smart gadgets comes online distraction in the form of social media and instant messenger chat apps. The software for monitoring employees makes sure that no employee wastes official working hours in such activity. The app reports about any such activity of the employees to the user with a detailed activity log, date, and time information. One can stop the leakage of confidential data through the social media app with the use of such features. Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Telegram soy app, Skype spy app are some of the examples.

Web Activities under the Radar:

OgyMogy spy app offers a track the internet browsing history feature that lets the user know about the online activities of the target employee in detail. You can know about it and much more as the feature also notifies about the frequently visited website i.e bookmark folder. Use the app and don’t just highlight the problem, solve it as well with the web filtering feature. Block all the websites that are distractive in any way for the employees.

Catch The Spy:

Catch any suspicious activity of possible spy in the workplace by using the email monitoring feature. The feature also lets the user read all the sent and received emails with attachment history details. Know if anyone is sharing confidential data with outsiders and catch the spy with proof.

Track Whereabouts and Movements:

In case your work involves an employee who is responsible for outdoor chores then this feature can be very useful for you. The GPS location tracking feature can let others know about the live location of the target employee at any given time. Use it for delivery guys, drivers or any other employee responsible for outdoor chores.

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