A Guide to Proposing Collaborative Divorce or Mediation to Your Spouse

Searching for a guide to try mediation for divorce or collaborative divorce? Then you are at the right place. If you have decided that you are going to propose mediation or collaboration to your spouse, you need to keep some significant and substantial things in your mind. 

Mediation divorce occurs when you and your spouse have decided to choose a mediator who is also a neutral person to discuss the issues, obstacles, and hindrances in the divorce.

You can also find mediation centers for resolving the issues. Mediation helps you to recognize the issues at the grassroots level and aids in enhancing communication between two parties. It is a different way or we can say an alternative to a judge who just imposes a decision on the parties.

It is very much evident that the ones who are going to be the most affected by the divorce are children. So, you must coordinate and develop a plan that will act as a guide for spending time with your children, separate from the other parent. Now, what you can expect from the mediation family court is the provision of family law. It is based on the concept that children have the fundamental right of continuing contact with both parents.

Mediation Groups

Proposing Collaborative Divorce

In addition, let’s enlighten the aspect of mediation groups too. This group helps resolve the dispute in a broader context. Objectives are set for the result which is achieved by the support of participants by clarifying the issue in a more structured manner. 

You can also approach a divorce lawyer who will help you with many aspects of collaborative divorce steps i.e. how does collaborative divorce work? , collaborative divorce agreements, and collaborative divorce solutions. He will also let you understand how to do collaborative process work and help you in preparing the agreement with your spouse to collaborate.

Moving forward to the divorce lawyers, the divorce lawyers can also choose any 3rd party experts if needed during the process. We are well acquainted that collaborative divorce is a way to negotiate a divorce settlement whereby both of the parties with their lawyers or mediators meet together to gather on a focal point and achieve the results i.e. child custody and financial arrangements. 

The main difference between collaborative divorce and mediation divorce is that in mediation divorce couples interact with one mediator while in collaborative divorce they are in contact with 2 lawyers plus outside professionals i.e. mediators or experts in their respective fields.

Let’s look at the guide to proposing collaborative divorce or mediation to your spouse and how divorce lawyers can help you in the collaborative process. 

Divorce lawyer-integral part of your divorce:

Your divorce lawyer is going to prove an integral part of your divorce. So before choosing the lawyer, you must check that he has expertise in collaborative divorce. You must have shared your opinion with your lawyer. This will eventually help to eradicate any type of communication barrier. 

For this reason, you can also approach a collaborative divorce attorney which can help you understand different aspects of collaborative divorce. You can also visit Sterling Heights Divorce Attorneys | American Divorce Association for Men as they pose better solutions for the impacts of divorce-related decisions. 

Role of collaborative divorce lawyers in this process:

Proposing Collaborative Divorce

Firstly, you and your spouse must have separate lawyers so that both of them can play the desired role in the divorce process. Then comes the signing of an agreement which includes that your lawyer agrees that he will not play the role of a lawyer if afterward, you go to court to seek divorce. 

Your lawyer must be focused on achieving the best results in the collaborative process. It also ensures that negotiations and decisions made during the process remain confidential. It can also not be disclosed in court. Divorce lawyers must keep in mind that there should be no biases while making judgments and making decisions. Be fair with your client.


Choosing the right divorce lawyer for collaborative divorce:

We know that domestic issues are quite sensitive. For this reason, you must have a comfort zone. Choose your divorce lawyer keenly so that you don’t feel any discomfort while sharing and discussing those sensitive issues. You need to tell him every single detail of your domestic life that includes finances, property, and children. The lawyers must be personalized. 

Your divorce lawyer is going to be your mouthpiece and spokesperson. Make sure that you must not hide any information from him. Because eventually, lack of information is going to make things tough for him. Don’t be dubious and make the right decision while choosing your lawyer.

Other ways to propose collaborative divorce and mediation:

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you can also communicate with your spouse directly by telephone or by having a face-to-face conversation. You people may be able to draw out the decision regarding the collaborative divorce. 

Otherwise, you can also write a proposal in writing. The homework at your end must be complete i.e. you must have information regarding the mediation centers and the collaborative divorce attorneys, especially those who offer the services in your area. 

You must keep this thing in your mind that the way of presenting mediation or collaborative divorce is neutral. You can also prepare a short draft or summary regarding the rationale behind opting for mediation and collaborative divorce. You must assure him/her that it is a good idea. To ensure, you can share the information you have with your spouse. You must not pressurize or patronize your spouse. 

This will help eliminate any sort of ambiguity. If your spouse doesn’t accept the proposal spontaneously; give him/her reminders recurrently. In addition, you can also share Brochures or printed materials from the mediators or collaborative professionals.


In conclusion, the statistics show that collaborative divorce is the popular option in the contemporary world. For the fine execution and implementation of the process, make sure that you have adequate knowledge regarding the mediation and collaborative process. Moreover, the divorce lawyer must be chosen wisely because he is going to act as a vehicle for attaining your desired results.

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