6 Tips on Buying a Cashmere Jumper

Maybe you are wondering how to determine whether cashmere is high quality when buying jumpers. Because of this, you may face the challenge of spending money on a good jumper.

Cashmere Jumper manufacturers usually use long fibers to ensure their finest quality. This kind of cashmere results in a more durable fabric while being exceedingly fine and light.

Although not all cashmere is made equal, it can be difficult for casual buyers to identify good quality cashmere material. Here are six useful tips on buying a cashmere jumper.

1. Go for a 2-Ply Cashmere Jumper

Check the fabric ply on the hangtag and choose two-ply cashmere rather than a single-ply. At least two plies of yarn indicate that the jumper is made from several knotted pieces. This two-ply cashmere indicates that the jumper is smoother, more durable, and warmer. Since this material softens over time, it is preferable to choose a single-ply cashmere rather than a single-ply. 

2. Avail From a Trusted Brand

Once you know what quality fits you are looking for, keeping with your go-to store will keep your shopping experience easier instead of risking your money on other brands. Also, buying from your trusted store guarantees you a high-quality cashmere jumper. 

3. Inspect the Quality

The fabric becomes finer as the thickness decreases. Cashmere of Grade A typically ranges in thickness from 14 to 15.5 microns, whereas Grade B often ranges from 16 to 19 microns. You should give grades some serious thought because they significantly impact the quality of a cashmere jumper. 

Anything that is excessively soft during your purchase should be avoided. This instance can indicate that these cashmere fabrics are overly washed. Generally, some manufacturers overwash their fabric to make it look softer because customers tend to connect softness with quality.

4. Check the Label

Only jumpers made entirely of cashmere are eligible for the 100% cashmere label. Since cashmere is a highly valuable fabric, it is important to check the jumpers to ensure that you are obtaining a high-quality jumper. 

You can also check how to properly care for your cashmere by checking the label. Although some materials can be dry-cleaned, it is not always advisable. Usually, a hand wash will indeed be beneficial for your cashmere jumper. 

5. Do a Wrinkle Test

Simply try to make creases on a cashmere jumper before buying it; if you observe no lines of folds or wrinkles, you can be sure that the cashmere is high-quality. 

6. Check Possible Pilling

Checking for possible pilling is vital when buying a cashmere jumper. High-quality cashmere will pill whatever procedures or materials are employed to eliminate it. Cashmere is created from natural goat hair; you can tell if the hair is natural by looking at the pilling on a jumper. Authentic goat hair will never lose its essence. 

Buy a Cashmere Jumper Now!

Since cashmere jumpers are usually expensive, it is important to learn various tips that you may apply in buying a good-quality cashmere jumper. Make sure to acquire a two-ply cashmere jumper, check the label and quality, conduct a wrinkle test, and inspect the fabric for possible pilling. Also, purchasing from your trusted brand is important to ensure you get the finest cashmere jumper.

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