Guide to Styling Braided Wigs

‍Braided wigs are known to enhance beauty and fashion in women. Braided wigs offer easy styling which also helps in protecting your natural hair. Braided wigs offer an opportunity to explore different hairstyles without having to go through pain or lose your natural hair. They save cost, are long-lasting, and of low maintenance. With braided wigs, you can change your look regularly.

Types of Braided Wigs

There are different types of braided wigs. In this section, I’ll be listing a few of the most popular and cheap braided wigs.

Box Braids

Box braids give a classic style that offers versatility and a unique look. They are known as box braids because the hair sections are parted in a  box-like manner. It could be into square or rectangular “boxes”. They vary from small boxes or large depending on the size of the braids.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids also known as cane rows is a style of braiding the hair in narrow strips to form the pattern on the scalp. They are made in a spontaneous and continuous. row like that of a corn. Most of the wigs for sale online offer cornrow braids.

Senegalese Twists

This type of wig originated from Senegal, West Africa, which is the reason behind the name ‘Senegalese Twists’. It is a fantastic option for those that  want a protective style that is lightweight and easy to manage.

 How to Choose the Perfect Braided Wig for Yourself

Choosing a braided wig can be hard if you do not know the dynamics. Below are some tips to help you with choosing braided wigs that would fit perfectly.

  • Identify your face shape: Understanding your face shape will  help you  to choose the exact wig that fits your face 
  • Consider the wig texture: Synthetic wigs most times are more affordable, but human hair wigs offer better natural look and longevity.

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How to Style Your Braided Wigs

Styling a braided wig is an art that helps you elevate your look from basic to extraordinary. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Use accessories: Spice up your braided wig by adding accessories like fashion bonds, beads, or hair clips.
  2. Try different styles: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different styles like half up, half down or a high ponytail. Below are some styles that can help you elevate your braids..

High bun with a side sweep

This style turns out perfect for when you have long plaits, however the intensity isn’t grinning in any way. It’s not difficult to accomplish, simply pack your hair in a normal bun, however, leave out certain plaits toward the front so you can clear them to the side to add to the bun.

Halfway double buns

For this style, part your plaits into two even parts, let the lower half stream free and afterward style the upper half into two bun.

Halfway double pigtails

On the off chance that you think the mostly twofold bun is excessively emotional, you can simply leave the buns as ponytails. Leave out one twist from every ponytail for a reward look.

Half up bun

This look genuinely gives Fulani princess flows. To style this, part your hair in two-level parts and style the top half into a tight bun.

Side part

For when you need to shake your interlaces similarly as they are. This style works for a tomfoolery ladies’ night.


The longevity of your braided wigs depends on the proper and adequate care you give them.

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