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Who are Dream Valley Housing Scheme Developers?


Dream Valley Islamabad is one of the important future housing ventures that is being developed for investors who are looking forward to enjoy natural beauty by having comfortable living lifestyle. The best part about this world class housing venture is that it is now being constructed around scenic point of Margalla Hills. The important aspects is that it would have scenic views, which would increase the value of the housing venture, Hence, making it one of the most perfect place to reside with huge space.  

Location & Map

The location of any housing venture plays a mandatory role in determining its entire worth in general. This housing project would be locatable at the main Muree Expressway that is near to majestic Koran River. Dream Valley Location increases the complete worth of the entire housing project. Furthermore, there would not be any problem for accessibility as it would be only few minutes away from Islamabad. It would be only few meters away from another famous housing project being planned in Murree named Capital Hills Murree. Overall, the exotic location of this place makes it an ideal choice of investment. The quiet and serene location of this project would be reachable due to different vital points of entry. 

Dream valley owners

Dream Valley Housing scheme is biggest project developed by M/S Canyon Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, who are one of huge name in construction business of Pakistan. They have planned this project right at the heart of Margalla Hills on Murre Expressway, which might be near to Bahria Golf City. This project has been fruitful in gaining those real estate investors, who plane to invest their capital in place where there is beauty and luxurious living. This housing project would be spread over more than 5000 Kanal of area of Land, as its initial phase was launched at the middle of 2021.

Apart from that, the developers are confident that their modern design strategy would be contributing to development of Murree. This housing venture would also have state of the art shopping malls, exotic golf clubs, and other social community centers for the residents. NU Builders PVt. Limited consider it a privilege to work on a project that is amalgamation of beauty and luxury. This company has been instrumental in transforming infrastructural shape of Pakistan, as their core compliance is all about sustainable development with best project management. The best part about these developers are that they deliver quality project within rapid pace.


Dream Valley Owners are one of the most professional architects of Pakistan, and they had been delivering successful real estate venture before. They consider client satisfaction as integral part of their company, and they ensure that none of their client feels dissatisfied by their services. By launching dream valley in Murree, they believe that they have delivered something charming and luxurious to the real estate investors of Islamabad. For more details about this project, or if you want to reach out to these developers then you must contact Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy firm is one of the largest firm in Islamabad, where you can get all type of information about real estate sector in Islamabad.

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