What are the best hearing aids for tinnitus management?

Currently, there are several hearing aids on the market designed to help manage tinnitus. Read on to learn more about Oticon fractal tones, Widex Zen tinnitus management app, Beltone tinnitus sound support, and Signia tinnitus sound support. Find out which hearing aid is best for you?

Oticon fractal tones

According to a recent study, Oticon fractal tones are among the best hearing aids for tinnitus management. The fractal tones are not loud enough to drown out the ringing in the ears, but they can be quite soothing and effective in promoting habituation. It will help patients to ignore the tinnitus stimulus without conscious effort. If you suffer from chronic tinnitus, you may want to consider a Widex hearing aid.

Oticon has added an app that is perfect for managing your tinnitus. The app also features customizable settings that make the Oticon More the best hearing aid for tinnitus management. These hearing aids are compatible with Tinnitus SoundSupport. To ensure that you will get the best hearing aid that suits your needs, contact Audi Hearing now. Audi Hearing is one of Sydney’s leading tinnitus management clinics that can give a recommendation based on your needs.

Widex Zen tinnitus management app

The Zen tinnitus management app by Widex is designed to help people manage their symptoms and enjoy life as normal again. The app features a wide range of relaxing tones that help the wearer focus on sounds other than their ringing or buzzing. It also offers relaxation exercises and counselling for those who need it.

Another benefit of the Widex Zen tinnitus app is its variety of sound options. It allows you to listen to various relaxing sounds, including fractal tones. The different tones don’t correlate to conventional music, making them more beneficial for managing tinnitus. While the ReSound app offers many options for relieving tinnitus, it is recommended that you try the app in quiet environments to see the best results.

Beltone tinnitus app

Beltone tinnitus app uses soothing sounds to distract your brain from the noises caused by tinnitus. The app allows you to customize your soundscape with different sounds at different volumes. It tracks your usage and uses secondary stimulation to help you relax. The Beltone tinnitus app also allows you to customize your library of sound therapy files.

Another good tinnitus app is called Calmer by Beltone, a US hearing aid manufacturer. You can create masks by combining sounds and saving them. The app offers a meditation tool and can even help you manage common thought patterns. However, it lacks motivation for use. While this app is generally a good choice, it may not suit everyone.

Signia tinnitus sound support

Signia tinnitus symphony sound support hearing aids have three unique tinnitus-fighting features. These hearing devices produce a gentle, constant sound that overrides the tinnitus noise and helps the brain un-learn it. Notch Therapy helps patients relax and focus by using a signal that simulates ocean waves. Signia symphony technology enables users to choose from Pink Noise or White Noise. This therapy can be particularly effective in situations with minimal background noise.

Signia tinnitus symphony hearing aids feature a dereverberation program. This feature was proven to increase speech intelligibility and lower the effort needed to understand conversations. Tinnitus and hearing loss often go hand in hand. Signia tinnitus sound support hearing aids also include three types of tinnitus-fighting sound therapy: ocean waves, static noise, and tinnitus-specific noise.

Phonak Lyric hearing aids

Phonak Lyric is the world’s first and only completely invisible hearing aid that can be worn continuously for up to three months without the wearer being aware of it. Its soft foam design is tailored to fit the shape of the ear canal, while its coating protects it from moisture and ear wax. The Phonak Lyric has received rave reviews from users and has been approved for use in tinnitus management.

The Lyric is available in seven sizes to fit individuals with varying ear canals. Its slim design and low profile make it virtually invisible. This technology allows it to be worn on a subscription basis, convenient for most users. New models of the Lyric are released every two to three months, which keeps the wearer up to date with the latest technology. The Lyric is also available only through a Certified Lyric Provider.

Lyric is the world’s first completely invisible hearing aid, and it is fitted in the ear canal by a trained professional using a microscope and is invisible to others. Wearing a Lyric is comfortable and safe for most people, and Wearers can wear it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and during sleep. Lyric does not require batteries or maintenance.

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