Understanding the Perfect Harmony of Chains With Pendants

When choosing a pendant, most people focus on style and price. But a pendant can be more than a fashion accessory; it can symbolize harmony and intimacy.

Whether depicting flayed Saint Sebastian or anatomical models, fine artists have long used this subject to illustrate the beauty of the musculature beneath. It is where the magic happens.

Box Chain

The classic box chain is a versatile and sturdy option. Its flat four-sided look creates a shimmery aesthetic that pairs well with diverse pendant charms. Its gaps are broader than a rope chain, minimizing the chances of the chains getting caught on hair or clothing.

Its angular appearance makes it more robust and durable than cable chains, which can be more susceptible to breaking due to their circular links. It means you can wear your favorite pendant on a box chain daily without worry, and it will still look amazing.

In addition, box chains are easy to fix. Pliers can pinch a loose chain link back together or have a jeweler solder it for a more permanent solution.

Cable Chain

A thinner cable chain pairs perfectly with a small and lightweight pendant. Its fine and delicate style comes from uniform oval or rounded links soldered together for strength. Wear it alone as a traditional necklace option, or layer the lengths of the chains with pendants for a more laid-back and stylish style.

A more substantial chain than a rope chain, a cable chain is durable and stands up well to everyday wear and tear. It is also easier to repair than a rope chain and less prone to tangling.

This versatile and timeless chain style is a perfect choice for both men and women and can be worn by itself or paired with a pendant. Thinner versions of this chain work well as a choker, while thicker cable chains can be worn longer for a bold look.

Cuban Chain

Cuban chain jewelry has become a significant fashion statement seen on runway pieces. The appeal of these chains is that they lay flat on the neck or wrist and are a good base for pendants to be attached to.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact style movement that led to the inception of these chains, but it can be credited to the 1970s hip-hop scene. 

Cuban chain jewelry is available in various metals, including gold, platinum, and silver. When cleaning these chains, it’s best to soak them in a bowl of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap, and use a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush to clean the links thoroughly.

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Wheat Chain

The wheat chain is one of the most robust and versatile types of chains that you can purchase. It accentuates classic pendants and complements those with intricate designs or accent stones, making it an eye-catching accessory for your jewelry collection.

Its woven design is inspired by nature. Its strand pattern mirrors the tips of wheat stalks, giving it an elegant and unique look.

This chain type is flexible and tangle-free, so it’s easy to wear and store. For an added touch of style, pair it with a Figaro or rope chain for a more dynamic effect. Whether you want to create a minimal or bold necklace, the proper chain is essential to your wardrobe. 

Diamond Chain

A diamond chain is a necklace made with tiny links of varying shapes that resemble a rope. It is a classy choice for both men and women and can be worn with various pendants.

A fixed bail is a metal component on the top of a pendant that allows the chain to feed through it. It can be decorative or minimalist and is usually soldered closed at the top of the pendant.

The ‘table’ of a diamond is the flat facet on its top that lets in light to make it sparkle. It is the most significant facet of a cut diamond. The girdle is the widest part of the diamond. It can sometimes contain Indented Naturals, which are part of the rough diamond skin and don’t affect its clarity.

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