Truck Accidents: Everything You Need To Know

Truck accidents are disastrous, and there are very complicated things involved in them. It also involves various complexities after the truck accident and its lawsuit. You need to understand the laws involved in it, entities in the accident, personal or other injuries, and other important things in such cases. 

If you have been involved in any such truck accidents, you need to get knowledge about all the stakeholders. You can find out more about the lawsuits and related aspects on the official sites of the cities for truck accident-related laws. 

What are the common causes of truck accidents? 

The most common cause of truck accidents is related to driver or truck trailer equipment. It can be classified into two causes which are as follows: 

Truck Driver Error

Drowsiness or fatigue in the driver can lead to some mistakes, and accidents can take place. The lack of ability in the driver, impaired judgment, and sometimes alcohol or drug use can also threaten accidents. Exceeding the speed limit or curving too fast on the road can lead to collisions. 

Tractor-Trailer Equipment Problems

If there is any mechanical problem in the truck, it can also lead to accidents. Manufacturing defects, design errors, or other mechanical problems can lead to crashes. If there is a common failure in the truck, like a failure in front brakes, defective steering, tires, or jackknifing, this can pose a threat to accidents. 

Lawsuits for Truck Accidents in Georgia

Truck accident claims can be complex as it involves various parties. Determining liability is the most important point in truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or FMCSR under the federal government guides the lawsuit. There are certain specific guidelines for commercial trucks. 

Liability of commercial truck accident

  • Truck Driver: If the fault is of the driver, like overspeeding, fatigue, or distractedness, and it leads to the accident, then the truck driver can be responsible for the case and later conviction.
  • Truck Owner: The truck owner is responsible if the accident occurs due to maintenance issues. If the trucking company has a loophole for the truck’s maintenance, it must bear responsibility. 
  • Truck Manufacturer: The defectiveness in the truck parts and mechanical issues can make the manufacturers responsible for the accident. Manufacturing problems can lead to tire blowouts or brake failure. Therefore, manufacturers need to use the best quality technical products in the truck. 
  • Trucking Company: If there is an incomplete inspection of the trucking companies for driving, it is the trucking company’s responsibility. 

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