Tips On How To Boost Your Marketing During The Holidays In 2023

Even though digital marketing and advertising have taken their place, the traditional ways are still also thought to be effective.

It is fundamental to develop a critical digital marketing strategy for every brand to remain competitive during the hectic holidays.

Today’s world is the era of mobile and technology. Your customer is always online on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other digital media. People are converting to online shopping and don’t visit stores. Digital marketing has taken the place of seasonal offerings. 

Holiday marketing is becoming increasingly essential for marketers. However, the stats say that good holiday marketing brings customers you can only expect for a short time.

Following are some tips that will make your holiday marketing outstanding:

Step 1: Connect Your Audience

Connecting your audience with your products and services largely depends upon creating more personal and relatable content. It could be an engaging video that relates to your audience’s emotions and feelings about holidays. It may be the images that capture and resonate with your customers’ feelings. Connecting with the audience lets you reach them at a more personal level. It also makes them feel that they are part of the whole story. The connection will help the audience relate to themselves and the brand.

Step 2: Conduct a Social Media Live-Streaming Contest To Boost Interest 

Sometimes businesses offer freebies. However, it is only possible to provide freebies some of the time. In this case, you can offer free delivery for Christmas. You can get the product’s best visibility by streaming live on social media. It will boost the interest and demand for your product that sells best. It is recommended to plan your social media campaigns. Implementing the campaigns enables the customer interest and get leads and feel fantastic.

Step 3: Give Back to the Community

Doing something out of the box makes your business stand out. For example, you may give away gifts and promote them on social media. You can go with the team to a community where the children do not receive Christmas gifts. Doing for marginalized community and doing it volunteer is one of the best ideas to promote your product during holidays.

Step 4: Offer a Unique, memorable experience

One of the unique ways to make your brand memorable to your customer is to create a distinctive experience for your client. It may include special deals on holidays or organising an event for your customers. The clients will associate the brand image exclusively with the festive event you especially created. It will also make your brand distinctive from the competition.

Step 5: Hook the mind of customers with an emotional story

The festive seasons motivate business owners to innovate their products through a specific storytelling session. They use storytelling processes. For example, storytelling trends take the business into increased spending trends. The customers feel emotionally bound to their brands during the storytelling process. They resonate and associate their personality with the brand.

Step 6: Make use of hashtags

The statistics show that more than 80% of clients have social media profiles. Here lies the big chunk of existing and new customers you may target and influence using social media channels. You can run specified vacation-related advertisements. 

Another more effective way to reach the audience is to use hashtags. Hashtags are much popular on Instagram and Twitter.


In sum, holiday marketing is an excellent opportunity that brand marketers or small business owners may seek. We have discussed various tactics to engage your customers with your brand. You may use, for example, social media live streaming to engage your customer. Additionally, organizing charitable occasions and using freebies or organizing a unique experience for the customer. Using storytelling is one of the great ideas to help your customer resonate with your brand. In addition to that, you may grab the attention of the customer, and you may emotionally hook the customer to an emotional story. We have summed up some unique ways you can use it to enhance your holiday sales. 

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