Things to do before starting a Business

People today want to become their own bosses rather than working under someone. The idea might sound refreshing but the process of doing the same is not an easy journey, one has to go through a lot of breakouts to come out as a winner. 

The ease of doing business is also one of the reasons for making individuals leave their mundane five to nine jobs and flourish in their own startups. 

Despite the ease, we have noticed the downfall of major businesses all because they lacked the crucial information to keep in mind before starting a business. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to plunge into the world of business, below are key notes you need to take first.

  • It’s all about the research: Starting a business requires patience and an overall understanding of the domain or the industry one might be jumping into. Just because you think that you have a solid business idea that is unique might not grant you success. If you are not aware of the market trends or about your competitors the possibility to close your business before making it fully functional might arise. So, it becomes beneficial to do a thorough research before leaping to a conclusion.

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  • Identify the target audience: Before starting the business it is important you acknowledge your target audience because they are the major driving force of your business. Understanding their needs and wants will help you position your business marketing and sales strategies in an accurate manner.
  • Determine the legal structure of your business: Advancing to build a business without having a legalized structure may cause an issue with your identity as the business structure affects everything from filling yours to your personal liabilities. There are four legal structures of a business:
  1. A sole proprietorship, such structure can be formed if there is only you who is obliged for all the liabilities and plans regarding the business.
  2. Partnership, as the name suggests when there are two or more individuals liable for the business.
  3. Corporation, if there is a need to separate your personal liability from that of the business then you can go for a corporate legal structure.
  4. Limited Liability Partnership, in such a structure the legal protection is that of a corporation while it consists of the tax benefits similar to a partnership.
  • Register with the Government: After identifying the legal structure for your business, it is important for you to register the business, so as to legally operate. While registering the business you need to keep in check the various documents that are required while considering the registration. The documents vary as per the legal structure. These documents can be:
  1. Article of association or incorporation
  2. Various local and central permits or licenses
  3. Income tax forms
  4. Employer identification numbers
  • Drafting a Business Plan: A business plan is a decisive document for every business trying to step into the market. It acts as a guide to help go through the early stages of a business establishment to the overall management of the business. We can simply regard it as a blueprint or a roadmap that includes:
  1. Goals, mission, and vision of the business
  2. Short summary or description of the line of business
  3. Details about the products or the services
  4. The details about the key people and their share of equity
  5. The overall business analysis keeping in mind the different factors
  6. The marketing plan
  7. The financial plan, etc.
  • Understand the risk and tax burden: An individual must be aware of the different tax norms he must abide by before starting the business apart from that you must know beforehand all the risks that might arise while initiating a business.
  • Know the Right Time: Your decision to start the business depends on time. Acknowledging the right time to come into the market will foster ways for you to survive.
  • Look for a mentor: Having a mentor or an industry expert by your side will surely minimize your hassles of starting the business. Rather than taking a lonesome journey look for guidance and support that is required at every step of your business growth and development.


Every day is a new opportunity, a new venture to cater to but remember these opportunities require a solid footing to become full-grown trees. A new business idea may work as an opportunity for you, only if you are aware of how, what, and when to do it. This is the reason you need to be aware of the things to do before starting the business because if you are willing to sacrifice your pivotal time in the planning phase, the chances of acquiring new investors and growing the business become an easy trail. Remember to dive into the opportunity with perfect planning and preparation to acquire a strong and stable foundation for your business. 

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