Snap is trying to expand Snapchat’s presence in India by supporting more vernacular languages, rebuilding its Android app, and partnering with local companies(Marcia Sekhose/Hindustan Times)

Snap Inc is expanding its presence in India, its largest market outside the United States. Snap has been focusing on developing products that target the Indian market, including Snap Spectacles, which were released in March 2017. According to a report by Reuters, Snap is also attempting to expand the service in India by supporting more local languages and partnering with local companies. Snap’s growth in India could allow it to compete with TikTok. As of February 2020, the service is only available in English, Hindi, and Tamil. The company plans to launch in other languages over the next few months.

How Snap is trying to expand Snapchat’s presence in India?

Snap is a photo messaging app that allows users to send short video clips to their contacts through messages called Snaps. Snap, founded in 2011, currently operates in 13 countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and India. Snap is targeting India with its latest round of funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California, and existing investors General Catalyst and Matrix Partners.

How Snap is trying to expand Snapchat’s presence in India by supporting and partnering with local companies?

Snapchat plans to introduce new features for Indian users to increase its market share in the country. One such feature is a revamped Android app, launched in English but will eventually support more than 30 languages, including Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Another is Snapcash, a prepaid payment system similar to Paytm in India. Snapchat had previously partnered with other companies, such as Paytm and Groupon, in India, but it will be the first to have its app.

Why is Snap trying to expand its reach in India? 

Snap Inc., the company behind messaging app Snapchat, is trying to expand its presence in India and make its platform more accessible to users, according to people familiar with it. Since last year, Snap has been building a presence in India, the world’s fourth-largest smartphone market, to attract new users. Snapchat, used primarily by younger people, has struggled to win over older users who already have multiple messaging apps on their phones. According to one person familiar with the matter, Snap is also working to rebuild its Android app, which was plagued by bugs, to make it easier to use. The company is also planning a partnership with local companies in India to help promote Snap’s products there.


Snap wants to increase its footprint in India with new features and more localized support in a language spoken by 600 million people. This week, the photo-sharing platform launched Snap Text, which lets users send pictures and videos to friends via text messages. According to a blog post announcing the feature, Snap aims to make it “as easy to share photos and videos as sending a text message.” Additionally, Snap is expanding the number of supported languages in its app for Android and iOS devices.


1. What is Snap’s plan to make Snapchat more accessible in India?

Snap is rebuilding its Android app to make it more accessible in India. The new app will have features like offline mode, better search, and a user interface that is easier to navigate.

2. Will Snap be able to expand its presence in India?

Snap will be able to expand its presence in India because of its partnership with the Indian government.

3. How will Snap’s partnership with the Indian government help?

Snap’s partnership with the Indian government will help users in India find information about government services like filing taxes or applying for a passport. The partnership will also allow the Indian government to use Snap’s platform to connect with citizens.

4. What other ways are you working with the Indian government?

Snap is also building an Android app

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