Shikha Pandey: A Warrior In Indian Team

Shikha was born in India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh to be exact (now Telangana). On the other hand, in 1997, the family moved to Vasco da Gama, Goa, and set up a new home there. Most of the students at Kendriya Vidyalaya have family members in the Indian military. Shikha’s feelings of patriotism have grown stronger because of the time she has spent with these people. She chose to join the Air Force so that she could help her country, which was something she had always wanted to do. She didn’t get to work as an air traffic controller, which had been her lifelong dream, until 2011.

Most people reach a point in their lives when they start to wonder what they want to do for a living. At the time, her school was part of a military complex, so someone from the Services came to talk to them about opportunities in the Indian Air Force. That made her think of something and right then she decided to join the Air Force and train to become a pilot.

Shikha became interested in cricket as she worked toward her goal. After she finished her engineering studies, she decided to spend the next year focusing only on cricket. When she was 5, her father bought her a plastic cricket bat and gave it to her to use. She spent a lot of time playing with the boys in the neighborhood, but she never thought that one day she might compete at a professional level.

What Hard Times She Had to Get Through

Shikha played her first professional game for Goa in the year 2004. The fact that Shikha had such a good season at home shows that it was a good idea for her to take a year off. Surekha Bhandare, a former cricket player and selector, noticed her when she was still playing at the state level.

She was immediately aware of the calibre of her expertise due to Bhandare’s years of experience and skilled eye. Shikha’s father agreed when she spoke with him and suggested that Shikha study in Mumbai. In a number of events against other states, Shikha represented the state of Goa. She immediately shown that she could be relied upon to support the team and do her part. Both on and off the field, she excelled in every aspect of her life. She even managed to earn a degree in engineering despite her hectic schedule.

Purnima Rao, who had been captain of India before, was another person who pushed Shikha to become a cricket player. When Shikha first started playing domestic cricket, Rao was in the group that chose the team. She was successful in what she tried to do because she trusted Shikha.

Shikha competed for the Board President’s XI against the West Indies and England and there is a today cricket match video available. After the cricket season was over, Shikha took her tests to get into the Air Force. Even they couldn’t stand up to her power. Shikha has been lucky to have the support of her superiors in the Air Force, especially those who work on the Air Force Sports Control Board. This has helped her a lot to be successful.

When she first showed up on the big screen, ten years had passed since her last appearance. In March 2014, she played her first Twenty20 match, which was against Bangladesh. Then she played in her first ever One-Day International and Test match. She was only the second player from the state of Goa to ever be picked for the national team. This honor goes to Dilip Sardesai, who was one of the first people to work in this field.

Shikha has looked up to Indian cricket player Jhulan Goswami ever since she first picked up a bat. So it was only natural that Shikha was so happy when she finally got the chance to open for Goswami.

They may think we’re lucky to have both of them on their side. When I went to Bangladesh in 2014 to get ready for the World T20, I bought a cap from her that had the Indian flag on it. I took her bowling, which is a fun thing to do. When they go to the bowling alley to practice, she gives me advice every time “Shikha told ESPNcricinfo what she thought about it.

Even her hero thinks very highly of what she has done. In an interview with ESPN, she called her “one of the hardest-working cricket players she have ever played with.” She told the other player this. Shikha will give her suggestions a lot of thought and do everything she can to make them happen.

What Made the World Cup So Interesting

Shikha played for India at the 2017 Women’s World Cup. She was an important part of the team that made it to the finals. At the end of the game, Australia lost 9-0 to England. Even after the terrible loss, the girls played with an amazing amount of spirit and determination.

Early on, people started to worry about how well they were doing overall. They need to play cricket more as they do in South Africa, which means being more aggressive. They need to plan and get ready for that more carefully. Shikha told in an interview that the team is determined to succeed even though they aren’t getting any help from outside sources.

Shikha was put on the bench for the rest of the World Cup games, even though she had started the first two games. But she came back stronger than ever, and everyone was speechless when they saw her perform.

Seeing how an athlete handles setbacks can tell you a lot about who they are as a person and how strong they are. She is so excited about the game that it’s through the roof. She thinks it’s her responsibility to help the team in any way she can.

Shikha is successful in everything she does because she puts in a lot of hard work. This is because she is excited about what she is doing.

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