Medicine is in Our Roots; Alternative Medicine was Mainstream Medicine Longer Than Recorded History

A happy heart is a strong medicine. Hearty laughter relieves stress, provides better sleep, releases endorphins, stimulates all systems to function, and activates your brain. Could you use any of that? In the next few minutes, I hope to share various natural remedies and holistic medicine to encourage your happy heart.

The roots of holistic health were founded in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu system from India. Ayurveda uses a combination of herbal treatments, yoga & yogic breathing, diet, and exercise.

Really? 5000 years of recorded wellness and holistic medicine result in “eat well and stay active”? As the world has shrunk in size by steamships, aircraft, and the internet, we have gained access to history and culture, all distilled knowledge of mind-body, energy, nutrition & biologically-based therapies, and natural substances.

  • Homeopathy is the proper use of natural herbal therapies to simulate disease symptoms and invigorate the body’s response without the threat of the disease. Guidance in this intriguing therapy and preparation/use of herbal medicines can be found in an Essence Dispensary near you.
  • When I first heard the term “Polarity Therapy”, I imagined being placed at the South Pole for cryogenic healing or something. That is not what polar therapy is. Removing energy impediments, touch therapy, mindfulness, bodywork, and exercise are applied to tune your polar frequency and align your energy poles.
  • Another system of alternative medicine that applies similar concepts of diet control, regular physical engagement, no chemical medicine, tissue massage, and body manipulation methods is called Naturopathy.
  • Whether the first in human history or merely the first to record everything, the Chinese have extensively documented the practice of acupuncture for 3000 years. Indian culture has been telling stories as recorded history for 25,000 years. Similar to the Chinese, they didn’t start script recording of history until 5000 years ago. Modern studies show acupuncture alone is effective against upset stomachs from chemotherapy, dental, or surgical anaesthesia. I used acupuncture on a lingering sports injury. I tried yoga, stretching, exercise, and deep-tissue massage. It was two treatments of acupuncture that relieved the pain. It has never returned.
  • Energy therapies are used in different methods to attain the same result of polar alignment. Reiki is employed against stress and difficulty relaxing. A gentle healing touch will unblock energy frozen due to physical or emotional injuries. Our physical body responds to all damage by directing energy and resources to the afflicted area. Those energies can be redirected, fostering relaxation with a return to balance.

Well-being sits upon balance. Our quality of mental and physical life has been supported with traditional, natural medicine which is now called alternative. The alternative was the mainstream health and well-being longer than our recorded history. The development of alternative medicine should be the primary focus. We can grow our own medicine and include sound principles of diet, fasting, yoga, meditation, and exercise wrapped in mindfulness to enjoy a balanced healthy life.

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