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Peacock TV Activate is the only content-creation tool that’s designed specifically to help people develop and produce video content that engages audiences and boosts sales and conversions. It’s a web-based video content creation platform that works as a tool that allows individuals to create content in a way that’s very similar to how professional content creators work every day. What is Peacock TV Activate?

It is a complete suite of sales, marketing, and product creation tools that empower you to create videos for every stage of your business and drive sales and conversions. With Peacock TV Activate you can create and manage your own video library and create stunning video content from scratch. Whether you’re looking for a powerful marketing tool for your business or a complete sales solution for your organization, it provides everything you need to create videos at scale.

 How Does it Work?

After years of searching, the founders of Peacock TV finally found a way to make money on YouTube. They figured out that if they could monetize their channel, they would attract enough new subscribers to make it worth the cost. After signing up for AdSense, Peacock made their first attempt to make money. They started their first video in January 2015 and by April 2015, they had over 1,000 subscribers. Over the next six months, Peacock posted videos daily, and by September 2015, they had over 6,000 subscribers. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we believe that’s true. If you look closely at the Peacock TV platform, you’ll see that many of its design and copy elements were copied directly from Netflix. If you look at the original Netflix website and compare it to the new Peacock TV homepage, you’ll notice that the only real difference is that the logo on Peacock TV is green instead of red. It’s a simple, yet effective, way of copying a company’s identity.

Why Should You Use it?

Peacock TV Activate is the only video activation tool that includes real-time, high-definition, interactive videos with video and social-media targeting that engage viewers through their favorite apps and platforms. We’ve created our video activation technology to work seamlessly across all video formats, including short and long forms. With over 90,000 online publishers on our network and millions of views every day, we’re uniquely positioned to provide video activation solutions for all media types.

How Do You Use it?

Use a video that takes your audience from point A to B. Peacock TV uses videos to help people learn new skills, grow a social network, build relationships with potential clients, or even improve their lives. These videos don’t just teach someone how to do something, they show someone doing something. For example, one video shows a man playing a game of chess with his grandson while he explains to the viewers how they can do the same. Another shows a couple preparing to have sex. But instead of showing them engaging in sex, the video shows the couple interacting and laughing while explaining the process of having sex. These videos teach people how to do things and explain how to do things. People don’t buy products because they need them.

How to Activate Peacock TV?

Activating peacock TV is one of those things that most people don’t really think about until they see it. That’s because it’s a concept that many of us take for granted. When we turn on the television, we expect to see images, information, and video on it. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that most people’s first reaction to peacock TV is that it looks ridiculous. However, there is a reason why this concept exists, and it’s actually a pretty good one.

What is the cost of Peacock TV?

It is a digital campaign aimed at bringing back attention to the brand. With the help of some high-profile ambassadors, this program will also create buzz and interest around the brand. It is part of the brand’s overall communication plan, and will also feature a video series called “The Making of…”, which will follow a handful of Peacock TV’s top creative talents and provide exclusive access to their process, and more importantly, to their work. The cost of Peacock TV Activate is based on an annual fee of $7,500.00, plus monthly activation fees of $1,250.00, for a total cost of $8,750.00 per year.


It provides you with a set of tools to build high-converting video campaigns and ad retargeting strategies for your business. It includes a set of video templates and a set of scripts to help you create and optimize videos. It also includes all the tools to retarget your audience after they watch your video with personalized, targeted messages. This course is meant for marketers interested in creating their first video and building their first video campaign. However, this course is not limited to marketers only – anyone can use it to create and optimize their first video.


1. Is this a scam?

Peacock TV Activate is not a scam. It is a legitimate course that teaches you how to make money with YouTube.

2. How do I start?

To start the course, go to You will be taken to a page where you can download the course or read the course on your phone.

3. What kind of videos can I watch?

You can watch all kinds of videos. There are movies, music videos, comedies, and more.

4. Can I make money with Peacock TV?

Yes, you can make money with Peacock TV.

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