Instagram Wont Let Me Post Reasons And Ways To Fix It

Instagram is not a great platform on which to rely all of the time. So you have an awesome photo to share, but Instagram won’t let you. It is a problem that many individuals confront regularly. You may encounter an error, a bug, or anything similar. One of the most common bugs observed on Instagram is why instagram is not letting me post.

There are several answers, and the solutions to the issues are identical. However, it would help if you did not underestimate the underlying roots of your troubles. It is quite difficult to fix this problem if you do not understand the causes. This article will provide you with a complete solution to the issue instagram wont let me post.

Reasons why Instagram is not letting me post

When people say they cant post on instagram, there can be different types of posts. Instagram is a wide application that provides various features and different ways to communicate with other people. These ways are comments, hashtags, stories posts, and many more.

  • If you are posting videos and photos and wondering why can’t i post on instagram. The most common reason behind this is a weak internet connection that does not allow you to post on Instagram.
  • Another reason behind this problem is that you violate Instagram community guidelines. According to Instagram policies, you can’t post any pictures containing voilence and nudity.
  • If you cannot post long videos and think why instagram wont let me post. Keep in mind that you can post videos of only 60 seconds on Instagram. It will not post videos longer than this duration.
  • In some countries, there is a limitation to Instagram music stories. If you use Instagram music on the story, it will not post this.
  • If you post multiple pictures simultaneously more than once a day, Instagram considers this spam. After this, your account will be banned temporarily, and you can recover by following the instructions on your last post.

If you are not doing any of the above activities and still wondering why cant i post on instagram, some ways are helpful in this regard.

Ways to fix Instagram post issues

Step 1: Clear the cache

Instagram uses cache to ensure that the app can save temporary data from operating quicker rather than relying on your storage, which is slower. However, if the cache causes an issue in the program, you will most likely need to remove it for it to work correctly again.

  • To clear the cache, open the settings of your phones.
  • Search for apps and click on Instagram.
  • Tap on clear data, and from here, clear the cache.

Refresh your mobile and try to post again. If you still have an issue regarding instagram wont let me post, then move to the next step.

Step 2: Update the application

Sometimes you are using an older version of Instagram that restricts posting any photo or video, and you are frustrated that instagram wont let me post. The app must be updated whenever a new version is available to avoid issues.

To update Instagram:

  1. Open the google play store.
  2. In the search bar, type Instagram.
  3. Tap on the application and update it.

Step 3: Free up device storage

When using a different application, there is a greater possibility that your device is full. If your device is full, you will not be able to post and wonder why won’t instagram let me post. If possible, delete a few applications that are no longer in your usage or clear the trash from all applications to free up some space.

Final Words

There is a simple reason over the big issue of yours instagram wont let me post. It can be solved by following some simple and easy steps. We hope you find this article useful and get all your issues resolved.

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