Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Systems – How They Work, Benefits & Maintenance

With a hydrojet drain cleaning system, your clogged pipes will be cleaned out fast. It does not matter whether it’s caused by a broken pipe or an obstruction blocking the flow, the system uses high-pressure water to clean the pipe and remove the blockage.

The secret of the fastest growing method for cleaning drainage systems in the world – hydrojet technology. It’s not only effective but has the ability to clean the whole of the system, unlike traditional methods which usually just deal with the main pipe.

1. How Do Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Work?

A hydrojet drain cleaning device uses water pressure to force contaminants into a drain or sewer line. Once inside the pipe, the contaminants can be flushed out or vacuumed up and then sent to a disposal facility. There are two main types of drain cleaning equipment available on the market today. The first kind includes a handheld tool, which is powered by an electric motor. It’s ideal for small areas, but is not capable of large jobs, such as cleaning pipes in an entire house.

2. What is the History of the Hydrojet Drain Cleaner?

At the time that Hydrojet invented the first hydrojet drain cleaner, other techniques used to clean sewer pipes were extremely inefficient and expensive. They also required lots of maintenance, and they could only be used on drains that were accessible. This new cleaning system solves all of these problems and is both safer and more effective than the current methods available. This article will give an overview of what the process entails and what makes Hydrojet the drain cleaning process of choice.

3. What are the Benefits of a Hydrojet Drain Cleaning?

If you’ve had an old, leaky sink in your house, you’ve probably noticed that it takes a lot of time to drain your faucet—maybe up to 15 minutes. This may seem like a lot, but it’s really nothing compared to what it could take if your sink gets clogged. Clogs can cause leaks and ultimately damage your pipes, causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage and repair costs. When your sink gets clogged, you can often unclog it yourself, but if that doesn’t work, you need to call a professional. But if you don’t call a professional, the clog might eventually burst and fill your sink.

4. How Are Hydrojet Drain Cleaners Manufactured?

Today, hydrojet drain cleaners are manufactured using the latest technology in the industry. They are made to clean any kind of pipes, including the drain pipe. The manufacturer uses a combination of modern machines and human-powered methods to make sure the product can effectively clean every part of your drain. They use a high-pressure water flow system to clean the inner walls of the pipes.

5. What is the Maintenance of a Hydrojet Drain Cleaner?

They are the number one choice among professional plumbers because they allow for rapid cleaning of drains. Hydrojets are capable of clearing pipes that are too small for other types of drain cleaners. Hydrojets also do not harm the surrounding plumbing. Additionally, they require little maintenance, making them affordable for homeowners. However, some people who use hydrojet drain cleaners may experience discomfort or mild skin irritation at times. This problem can be alleviated by using a gentle product and rinsing off regularly.


In conclusion, to get the best results, you need to keep your system clean and free from blockages. A clogged drain or sewer line could cause your system to fail and overflow. So, don’t wait for the system to break down. Rather, schedule a professional hydro jet cleaning system installation at your home. We have helped hundreds of homeowners save thousands of dollars on sewer line repair services. We are confident that we can help you too. Call us today and we’ll schedule an appointment with a hydro jet technician who will come to your home and provide you with an estimate.

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